Gopko: Maidan helped us understand how deep we sank and how to get out of here G

Gopko: Maidan helped us understand how deep we sank and how to get out of here Anna Gopko
Photo: Anna Gopko/ Facebook
Number one in the electoral list of the Samopomich party Anna Gopko considers that small and medium business can help strengthen the middle class that will become the basis for stable Ukraine.

The coauthor of the "Emergency reforms" initiative and newly elected deputy from the Samopomich party Anna Gopko considers that Euromaidan became the starting point for changes that the country needs so much. Gopko said about it in the comment  to the "GORDON" .

"Maidan has definitely changed the country. It became a reference point for the formation of a new country. Ukrainians became a united political nation, they are gradually becoming a subject of geopolitics, all this will further depend on implementation of reforms in the country. People have already understood that responsibility lies on them, and not only on the government they elected. Maidan exposed those dreadful diseases that were present in the country and really threatened the future: huge corruption, destroyed army, need for decentralization for normal development of the country," Gopko considers.

"One of the achievements of Maidan is that we have become a united political nation, and the question which language we speak is not so relevant in comparison with war and social and economic challenges," the activist noted.

According to Anna Gopko, the Maidan revealed a number of problems in the country that need to be solved for the country to become a normal state.

"Maidan posed many challenges to the country; each challenge is an opportunity to build a state. Maidan helped us understand eventually: if we want to be strong, we need a strong army, we should eliminate corruption in the Ministries of Defence, Internal Affairs, and Security Service where there are a lot of representatives of the fifth column. Acknowledging its weakness, Maidan changes people, it motivates Ukrainians to create a really new country by protecting the honor of those who gave their lives," Gopko noted.

"Maidan cannot change the country at once, in one day, because nothing has been done for 23 years. Actually, Maidan has become a reference point for the collapse of communist ideology along with Lenin monuments and post-Soviet concepts that are absent from the parliament together with communists," the politician considers.

"Other challenges of Maidan remain, for example, oligarchs. We have to become aware that it is only thanks to the support of small and medium business that the middle class will be formed in the country; its creativity and innovations will be a basis for really stable Ukraine that will be hard to slacken, and that will not allow a regime like Yanukovych's one. It is very important to take the opportunity provided by Maidan to launch inevitable system changes and build new Ukraine where it will be impossible for the president or someone else to issue orders to shoot people. Finally, Maidan helped us understand how deep we sank and how to get out of here," Anna Gopko declared.


"Other calls of the Maidan remain is, for example, oligarchs. Now we have to realize accurately that only thanks to support of small and medium business when in the country there is a middle class which just and will be the creative, the innovations to build basis for really stable Ukraine which will be heavy to be loosened, and not to allow to appear to the mode similar to Yanukovych's regime again. It is very important to use the chance given by the Maidan to construct the base of inevitable system changes for construction of new Ukraine where will be impossible such that the president or still someone gave orders to shoot people. And, at last, the Maidan to us helped to understand where we slid and how from this to leave", – Anna Gopko declared.