Gopko: Anti-Corruption Bureau should be headed by a foreigner, independent from oligarchs and understanding international law

Anna Gopko
Anna Gopko
Photo: Anna Gopko/ Facebook

According to the People's Deputy from the Samopomich Party Anna Gopko, foreign citizens should be invited to other governmental positions only as consultants.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau should be headed by an impartial expert who will understand how the stolen capitals can be returned to Ukraine from foreign accounts. The newly elected people's deputy Anna Gopko dwelt on it in the comment to the GORDON edition.

"As for the head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, I believe that it is a foreigner that should hold this position now. The problem of corruption and its resolution demands foreign involvement, especially regarding return of money to Ukraine. This implies cooperation with different international financial agencies in Switzerland, Austria, and the USA. This agency should be headed by an impartial professional who will understand international law and will know how to act. It will not be subordinate to any oligarchical clans and will not be bound with obligations. It should be a completely independent expert who will be able to raise the status of the bureau and conduct first demonstrative cases. All previous investigations lacked political will, and we have seen in the last months that the Prosecutor General's Office was not engaged in real investigations," Gopko noted.

"As for ministerial positions, I am not sure that foreigners will be able to assume p

Political responsibility. They are needed as consultants. They can partly assume the role of developers of strategies and recommendations," Anna Gopko added.


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