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Illarionov: "Special operation ‘Tip-off’ by Borovoy" G

Illarionov: Andrey Illarionov
Photo: ipnews.in.ua

Vladimir Putin's former adviser and economist Andrey Illarionov turned to GORDON to reply to the ex-deputy of the State Duma Konstantin Borovoy who accused Illarionov of lie and cooperation with Russian intelligence services.


The correspondence of the ex-deputy of the State Duma, chairman of the Western Choice party, oppositionist Konstantin Borovoy and the former adviser of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, senior scientific officer of Cato Institute, economist Andrey Illarionov began three days ago when Borovoy stated in an interview to the GORDON edition, "The NATO Deputy Secretary General is an FSB agent. He lobbies for Putin's interests and influences Poroshenko's decisions".

Later Illarionov contacted the editorial office and gave a detailed interview in which he not only disproved the words of the Russian oppositionist, but also told that "Borovoy’s statement is a provocation, the purpose of which is to discredit [the NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander] Vershbow and to try to provoke Ukraine to break the truce". In reply, Borovoy accused Illarionov of cooperation with Russian intelligence services.

Andrey Illarionov replied to Konstantin Borovoy through the GORDON edition. We are publish this letter without editorial corrections or changes.

We witness a sad if instructive illustration of how modern information wars are waged.

The public has just been excited by Borovoy’s "sensational disclosure" – according to him, the NATO Deputy Secretary General, former Deputy Minister of Defense of the USA and former Ambassador of the USA in Moscow Alexander Vershbow is an FSB agent.

What proofs could Borovoy present to his, frankly speaking, extraordinary statement wrapped as a personal address to the Ukrainian president? They are as follows, "He established unprecedentedly close relations with former KGB leaders in the USSR and acting leaders of FSB in Russia. For some period of time, his residence in Moscow was called "a club of former KGB staff".

It means that the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA in Moscow is incriminated, firstly, his immediate duties – maintenance of the relations with the administration of intelligence services in the country of stay, and secondly, the fact that someone once called his residence "a club of former KGB staff". It means that if someone ever calls someone's (for example, your) apartment "a club of former KGB staff", it is a proof that its owner (that is you) is an FSB agent.

"Is that all?" the reader will be surprised. No, not all.

There is one more crushing argument: "We have found obvious discord in Putin's behavior".

You think that the author of these lines misunderstand or confused something? Nothing of the kind. Refer to the original source. This is Borovoy’s answer to the journalist's question, "Why did you come to such a conclusion [that Vershbow is an FSB agent]?"

Let us repeat it slowly. The journalist wonders why Borovoy has come to a conclusion about espionage of the NATO Deputy Secretary General. She receives the answer (through the specifying question of the membership of the expert group): "Because we have found discord in Putin's behavior."

Reader, did you notice the logic, the compelling logic of the ex-deputy of the State Duma? In other words, if there is discord in Putin's behavior (where? when? what? what is "discord"? what is "accord"?), it means... that... there is… a Russian agent… in Brussels... the NATO Deputy Secretary General...

Following numerous questions from everybody – if he can be more specific, more logical, more convincing – he relentlessly answers, “I am not going to get involved in a squabble, I will not tell anything to anybody.

Who was at the origin of such a "logical" statement about "Putin’s agent"? It turns out that its author is a certain "expert group" organized by Borovoy. Questions keep multiplying: What was this expert group? Who were its members? What analysis did it carry out? Based on what materials? Why should we trust its conclusions? Why does Borovoy consider it necessary "to publish them urgently"?

He gives another smashing answer, " I am not very good at military questions so I gathered an expert group. – And who was in the expert group? – Military and political experts. It is not so important – what is important is the conclusion we have drawn."

Is that all? That is all.

What was it? Spasms of twilight consciousness? Or banal child’s play?

Following a request to present evidence to his disclosure, Borovoy answers, in which there is everything –personal estimates of sanity of the author of these lines; moral maxims, "It is simply impolite"; slander twice repeated, "Andrey Illarionov did not conceal that he himself cooperated with intelligence services when he was the Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation"; expression of regret that he cannot cooperate with them, " Unfortunately, I am not interesting for them."

But this text does not include a single proof of his own loud statement about "a Putin’s spy in NATO", he does not even attempt to provide such proofs. The only mention of Alexander Vershbow is concurrency of dates of his service as the ambassador in Moscow with my work in the Administration of the Russian President. Should it be understood that, as Borovoy suggests, the economic adviser to the president recruited the unfortunate American ambassador? Or did he confuse something in the instruction and hints at the opposite – that it is the American ambassador who recruited the economic adviser?

Are these spasms of twilight consciousness or child’s play?       

Except for this hint, the mentioned text does not mention the main character of Borovoy’s initial statement – Alexander Vershbow. However, there are new characters – Egor Gaidar and Valeria Novodvorskaya. The question is why? What is their relation to the "exposure" of the Putin’s agent in NATO? No relation at first sight. But it only seems so. They play the same role in Konstantin Natanovich's statements as a kind kindergarten teacher for a guilty kid – it is possible to try to hide and wait behind their apparent authority like behind the teacher’s back.

There is no doubt in this case – these are not spasms of consciousness, it is certainly a child’s play.

Borovoy’s invectives in my address are simply ridiculous. "Andrey Illarionov was Putin's assistant and, together with security officers, often visited the Spaso-House residence".

Firstly, I was not an assistant but an adviser.

Secondly, does Borovoy really believe that there are no other places to meet security officers except Spaso-House? For example, offices at my former work at the Administration of the Russian President in the Kremlin, where the concentration of FSB staff was and is slightly higher than in Spaso-House for all the time of its existence. And their administrative status was and is higher than the status of those who were and are sent to receptions to the residence of the American ambassador.

As for the hint on the alleged "criminality" of visits to Spaso-House, Borovoy, behind his provincial thinking, simply does not know that the G8 sherpa visited the White House (in Washington) more frequently than Spaso-House (in Moscow), and met American presidents more frequently than American ambassadors.

Did the members of Borovoy’s "expert group" forget to prompt this not very deep idea to its press secretary?

Borovoy also pretended to get offended, "Illarionov lies claiming that I was involved in the murder of my friend Dzhokhar Dudaev." Alas, Konstantin Natanovich could not read the simple text that does not quote any of my words, but refers to the story of the Dzhokhar Dudaev’s widow Alla. Let's cite it once again:

"I was near him. He died before my eyes. We had been being pursued for a whole month... The Russian government, seeing that we did not want to give up and that the only way to deceive us was to start sham negotiations, vested such powers on Konstantin Borovoy... Dzhokhar knew that their conversations were tapped. When they had negotiations, the connection dropped for a short time and then was restored. Dzhokhar even joked, "Have you joined us, guys? Well, listen." But he did not think that he would be killed during negotiations that they will use satellite connection... It was in Gekhi-Chu, near the foothills. Dzhokhar supposed that some fifteen minutes of conversation will be enough for not being located. We left in two UAZ cars... Then Dzhokhar started talking to Borovoy. He told me, "Go to the ravine." I was standing together with Vakha Ibragimov on the edge of a ravine... Suddenly a missile struck behind my back. I was standing some twelve meters away from Dzhokhar, I was thrown in the ravine. I saw a yellow flame with my peripheral vision. I started getting out. I look and did not see the car. Then a second blow came... I got out and could not understand where everything had disappeared: neither the car, nor Vakha Ibragimov; Iwas walking as if in a dream and stumbled over Dzhokhar. He was dying already...".

If Borovoy finds this description to be false, he can file a lawsuit against Alla Dudaeva, against the Kommersant newspaper, against Wikipedia, he can try to disprove the published story, he can suggest his version of Dudaev’s death. Moreover, he could have done it long ago as Alla Dudayeva's interview was published five years ago. But Borovoy has not done any of this. It is only now that he deemed it possible to talk about some private conversations, but we do not know what Dudaev's widow had actually said.

In other words, it turns out that Alla Dudaeva gave an interview, it was published in Kommersant, and Borovoy accuses the authors of these lines of this information having been published? Interesting, huh?

Are these spasms of twilight consciousness or child’s play?

Borovoy mentioned in his interview to GORDON how he heroically warned Americans about the act of terrorism on September 11, "Two years prior to the terrorist act of terrorism in New York on September 11, 2001 I forwarded information to the FBI administration that Al-Qaeda was preparing plane attacks on New York skyscrapers. I did everything to provide the right people with this information, forwarding it through U.S. congressmen. They did not treat it seriously then."

And here is what he said about his efforts just two months before, in an interview to Premier radio station, "I tipped off this information to FBI, I said about it at a press conference. They did not believe. They did not believe. Here. In Washington. I met the second person of FBI. The second person. I told all this. Documents. Year ’99. October ’99. I told everything. Well, naturally, I told that it was nonsense. It looked nonsensical – planes storming skyscrapers. Conspirology".

In the first case, Borovoy said that he forwarded information to the FBI administration through U.S. congressmen. In the second case, he claimed that he personally met the Deputy Head of FBI. And when did he tell the truth?

Moreover, he convinced Americans that this information was "nonsense", "looked nonsensical", "conspirology". And then he is suddenly surprised that it was not treated seriously.

Are these spasms of twilight consciousness or child’s play?

The intoxicating atmosphere of the American radio station Premier played a mean joke with the chairman of the Western Choice party – during the broadcast he shed some light at least on a couple of questions that he has been asked recently. Let us listen to the broadcast (from minute 7 to minute 11),

"In 1999, I was a deputy. Then houses began exploding. I held a press conference as a deputy. I had some information. I got this information through Russian intelligence services – that these explosions were prepared by FSB... By the way, when the press conference was held, the explosions had not finished yet. – It means that there should have been more explosions. – Yes, yes. And there was a massive tip-off through the Chief Intelligence Directorate. They always have difficult relations among themselves. And they tipped off some information to me... I tipped off this information right away...".

Thus, Konstantin Natanovich seems to have recognized that he knew about both previous and forthcoming explosions. Besides, it opened the veil of secrecy over the structure of his precious "expert group", having explained what "military and political experts" work with him between his coquettish complaints that he, Borovoy, "is not interesting" to intelligence services.

It would be unfair if I did not express gratitude to Konstantin Natanovich for his touching story about the technologies of his own work with the waste products of his precious "expert group", "They tipped off ingormation to me… I tipped off this information right away..."

P.S. " Ex-deputy of the State Duma and chairman of the Western Choice party Konstantin Borovoy turned to the GORDON edition asking to urgently publish the sensational conclusion of the expert group gathered by him and to warn Petro Poroshenko of the need of immediate active military operations for liberation of the Crimea and occupied territories of Donbass."

It is the first paragraph of the material published three days ago, "Borovoy: NATO’s Deputy Secretary is an FSB agent". Take care!