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Kazansky: Many people in Donbass are ready to work for food, it is normal for them, they will not revolt

Kazansky: Many people in Donbass are ready to work for food, it is normal for them, they will not revolt Denis Kazansky
Photo: Denis Kazansky
The situation in Donbass is similar to the 90s when salaries were delayed and people survived as they could, believes the journalist of Donetsk Pravda and blogger Denis Kazansky.

In spite of the fact that there is news about hungry revolts in Donbass, the situation is not explosive in general, the blogger and journalist from Donetsk Denis Kazansky told in the comment to GORDON. "People are really short of money, but another matter is that, in principle, they are ready to be short of money. It is a normal situation for very many people. People are give grocery sets and humanitarian aid now. Many people are ready to work for food, it is normal for them. If they are given rations regularly, if they have what to eat, they are ready to go on working. They will not revolt," Kazansky reported.

According to him, if locals are given products regularly, nobody will revolt.

"If we imagine that this situation is preserved, it is possible that people will be given buckwheat and canned food for 400-500 UAH instead of 3000 UAH as before, and they will be happy. It is very profitable. In fact, the labor force costs nothing now, and if people are fed and given minimum rations, such a situation can be preserved for another year, two or three years without any changes," he stated.

Kazansky considers that there was a similar situation with products and salaries in the nineties.

"There can be revolts out of offense – people in Torez see that humanitarian aid was distributed in Krasny Luch, and not for them. Then there can be a revolt because of this, not because everything is bad but because someone was given food, and someone was not. There are fights in the queues for products and for everything, but I remember Donbass in the 90s very well when the situation was no better. There were huge salary delays for 10 months or even a year. People lived in similar conditions, they ate cereals and lived by the principle "to survive another month". They made their living by casual earnings. Everything can return to that system now," the blogger reported.

According to the journalist, terrorists will run away from Donbass if the situation gets out of hand.

"If it really comes to a full paralysis and the "government" of the terrorists will not be capable of controlling the situation, the terrorists will simply fled from there. They have already managed to accumulate rather large amounts of money by selling coal and collecting the so-called taxes, so I think that they will simply get away at some point when the situation gets out of control," Kazansky said.