Nemtsov: It is ridiculous if terrorists will receive pension from Kiev after having renounced Minsk accords G

Nemtsov: It is ridiculous if terrorists will receive pension from Kiev after having renounced Minsk accords Boris Nemtsov
Photo: EPA

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be able to assume financial liability for Donbass, regional Russian budgets are bankrupts, reported the Russian oppositional politician Boris Nemtsov.

If separatists held elections and elected Zakharchenko and Plotnitskiy heads as their leaders, if they consider themselves heads of "DNR" and "LNR", they have to be responsible for these territories. Such opinion was expressed by the Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov in his comment to the "GORDON" . It is ridiculous if, having renounced Minsk accords and having refused to observe the Law on elections, they will make such a decision and will continue receiving pension from Kiev. They have to provide for their people.

According to Nemtsov, Ukraine should not introduce an economic blockade in Donbass.

"I would not introduce a blockade in Poroshenko's place. It is wrong because, in my opinion, it will only aggravate confrontation. However, it is obvious that it is wrong to pay them money from the Ukrainian budget. If they took the responsibility, they must bear it. They should go cap in hand to Putin, ask for money he does not have. I would not do such furious things because it is not a question of separatists, but of millions of Ukrainian citizens who found themselves in these territories," Nemtsov said.

"The position is as follows: You Plotnitskiy and Zakharchenko have been seemingly elected heads of these territories, so you should be responsible for their people. We will not disturb you, you can hold responsibility, pay pensions, salaries, pay everything. I would tell this way: I would not introduce any blockade, but I would confer social responsibility on those people who consider themselves leaders," the Russian politician considers.

According to him, terrorists cherish vain hopes for financial support from Russia, there is no money in regional budgets.

"Russia can start paying though its budget does not have such money. Probably, these may be some illegal payments though Putin does not care about law so he can break it. However, Russia itself is in a difficult situation. The point is that all Russian regional budgets are bankrupts. Putin cannot assume responsibility for those territories with 3 or 4 million people, he simply does not have such money. Therefore, it is obvious that in the conditions of idle economy and flooded mines their only chance is to come to Moscow to ask for money, but there is no money. But it should not be called a blockade. You should tell them, "Guys, you are so independent there – pay independently if you are so independent. We will not even stand in your way. Pay," Nemtsov said.