Nemtsov: Putin will not acknowledge that his policy led to a financial collapse, the only way out is to attribute all problems to war

Nemtsov: Putin is more dangerous now than before
Nemtsov: Putin is more dangerous now than before
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The degree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressiveness is higher now than before the rouble crash, considers the Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov.

The financial crisis in Russia is caused by the dead-end policy of Vladimir Putin, the Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov reported in his comment for the GORDON .

"The rouble crash will not stop Russian aggression. The point is that Putin would then have to say that his policy led to a financial collapse. The financial crisis in Russia is not caused by the fall in oil prices because oil is still expensive (it cost $8 in 1998, now it costs $60) but rather by the ruinous dead-end policy pursued by Putin. He cannot acknowledge it and he has the only way out – to attribute all problems to war. I think that the risk of aggression is much higher now than before," he said.

According to Nemtsov, the Russian president will take advantage of the situation in Ukraine to explain what has happened in economy.

"Putin has less financial and technological potential to conduct war because he has less money, but he has more aggression and attempts to explain everything from the point of view of war. He has roubles. He pays people in roubles, not in dollars. He has roubles that is why the military budget is so huge – three trillion three hundred billion. Military expenses have increased by 33%. He was preparing for war before the crash and continues to do it now. I believe that Putin as a cynical and profoundly amoral person must take advantage of the situation in Ukraine and war against it to explain what has happened. "Americans have adopted a law on assistance to Ukraine, NATO troops are coming to Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, etc. We must protect the Russian world". It is his logic," the politician stated.

Nemtsov believes that Putin is more dangerous now than before.

"It is not a war against Ukraine, it is a war against America, and it will account for any exchange rate, for any devaluation. Therefore, Putin is more dangerous now than before. If he could boast that everything is good in his economy unlike in Ukraine, he cannot do it now. He needs some explanations now. Explanations about the speculator Nemtsov, Navalny and Kudrin who have crashed the exchange rate may not suit people, they understand that it is nonsense, even those who hate us. Explanations about speculators and evil forces will not do, he needs something serious. Something serious is war, the threat of war is very big. The degree of his aggressiveness is much higher than before the rouble crash. But it is winter now and it is not very good to begin war now," Nemtsov said.


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