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Shenderovich: We who are living at a safe distance from the two-headed capital are happy and healthy people

The columnist of GORDON, the famous satiric writer Viktor Shenderovich considers that a special procedure of providing health care to state officials is an official recognition of the fact that public service is a hazardous occupation.

Viktor Shenderovich
Viktor Shenderovich
Photo: Viktor Shenderovich/ facebook

President Putin signed a federal law introducing a special procedure of providing health care to state officials. 

Of course, some people here started yelling at once: aha, again free ride for the chosen people! The country is using funds from the Reserve fund, and he is scraping the remainder from the bottom with a spoon! 

They do not understood anything at all.

They do not see the situation from the general perspective. 

Finally, civil service has been officially recognized a hazardous occupation in Russia! 

Will you deny it?       

We who are living at a safe distance from the two-headed capital are happy and healthy people! We breathe fresh mental air, we are not obliged to share food with the taster from the security service; when there is nothing to say, we are silent…  

And they, poor fellows, voluntarily bear their cross day and night: they breathe ashes of Byzantium, eat clamps! They grew thin, the eyes are shining; before the elections they find a poor old lady, they drag her to a TV camera – and they start embracing her, raising their rating… 

This piano again… Well, why play it if you cannot? But you have to. Work is work. 

Those who manned this breach voluntarily should be cured again and again, and no money will be too much for this purpose. Otherwise it will turn out badly.

One civil servant undertreated on Valdai has given a speech recently, "Our sovereignty," he said, "is unconditional, and Ukraine should not cling to every village! And so on and so forth, mentioning the role of Russia in formation of the ungrateful North American United States and swear words as a means of raising self-esteem … Did you read it? Well then. 

And do you grudge providing urgent help to this suffering person?

You are vicious, I can tell you.


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