During the storming of the US Capitol, the rioters cried in Russian “Bolder! Bolder!” Video

On January 6, President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the building of the United States Congress where congresspersons were about to confirm Joe Biden’s electoral win. The video of the riot was posted on BG On The Scene YouTube channel. Video shows rioters breaking doors and windows to enter the building. When a man starts smashing a window with a police shield there is a cry in Russian audible on the background “Bolder! Bolder!” (timecode 0.44).

On January 6, President of the USA Donald Trump told his supporters that he would never concede his electoral loss and urged a crowd to march to the Capitol building where Biden was about to be confirmed as the president-elect.

The protesters went to the Capitol and took it by storm. The session of the Congress has been suspended.

After that, Trump called on his supporters to keep peace and avoid any violence.

Presidential election was held on November 3, 2020. Voter turnout was highest in last 120 years; about 160 millions of Americans participated in it. On December 14, Electoral College certified the result. 306 electors voted for Biden, and 232 electors voted for Trump. After the Electoral College’s decision, Biden call on Americans to unite and praised the triumph of democracy.

Trump is challenging the result of the elections in courts of different states.

The inauguration of the new President of the USA will be held on January 20, 2021.

Видео: BG On The Scene / YouTube