Yaroslavskyi organized the World4Kharkiv program. Plans to raise $1 billion

Yaroslavskyi organized the World4Kharkiv program. Plans to raise $1 billion

Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi: I think we can raise even $1 billion for Kharkiv residents

Photo: Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi / Facebook
Prominent businessmen from all around the world are ready to help Kharkiv residents survive during the hostilities and restore Kharkiv later. It was announced by the owner and president of DCH Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi on his official Facebook account.

"Today, the eyes of the whole world are turned to Kharkiv, where citizens every day are displaying miraculous courage and selfless love for their city. I have spoken with many of my business friends from different countries. They are amazed at your heroism and are not just sympathetic, but ready to provide financial assistance. Based on their responses, I anticipate that we can even raise $1 billion in order to reduce the present suffering of Kharkiv residents and then to rebuild everything that is destroyed to the highest international standards," he wrote.

The program of international assistance to Kharkiv is World4Kharkiv – ‘Peace to Kharkiv’. As the DCH press service stated, the work will be organized in the format of direct payments by foreign companies for goods that Kharkiv residents require. DCH will accumulate applications and then pass them on to program donors. The World4Kharkiv website will be launched soon.

Yaroslavskyi also stated that he will sell his Kaiser yacht and will restore Kharkiv for this money. Experts estimate its cost at $50 mln.

"The first contribution to the restoration of the destroyed city will be the money from the sale of my Kaiser yacht. There would be no time for the yachting anymore as we have to work, work, and work more effectively," he stated on Facebook.