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6 april, 2018 12.12
Ukrainian shareholders of Versobank AS Vadym Iermolaiev and Stanislav Vilenskiy claim that the bank didn't systematically breach the Anti-Money Laundering regulations when its license was being revoked.
11 december, 2014 21.01  
Sergey Kovalyov, a Ukrainian programmer and blogger working in Denmark, said in an exclusive interview for the GORDON edition about who supports pro-Russian sentiments there, why the Ukrainians should not outdo the Danes and why Ukrainian diaspora in Denmark helped dismiss ex-ambassador of Ukraine.
14 november, 2014 18.12
The ex-deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Markov considers that Europe will refuse from the support of Ukrainian authorities.
16 october, 2014 11.04
Alexander Rutskoi, first and last Vice-President of Russia, Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General of Aircraft, told GORDON why there will not be war "until the last Ukrainian" and how to return to peaceful life.