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Kakha Bendukidze

6 march, 2015 00.05
Successful reforms - the only way to stop the Russian aggression in Ukraine, ex-Minister of Education and the first rector of the Police Academy of Georgia Khatia Dekanoidze thinks. In an interview with "Gordon" she told why the government should focus on service, eliminate bureaucracy and prepare for the new police patrol quickly.
14 january, 2015 15.45
Russian economist Andrey Illarionov is convinced that it is almost inevitably there will be default in Ukraine in January-February 2015. But there is still a chance to avoid it, some concrete steps that the expert has described in his new article should be taken.
15 november, 2014 18.34
The Georgian businessman, reformer and public figure, ex-Minister of Economics Kakha Bendukidze suddenly died on November 13 in London at the age of 59. The " GORDON " publishes the brightest quotes from the interview to Dmitry Gordon taken three months ago