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Yevheni Kuzmenko

16 february, 2015 22.05
It only took the new Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin to do his job to create a heroic halo – and he acquired a whole fan club by contrast with his predecessors. The columnist of the GORDON Yevhen Kuzmenko analysed why the arrest of the former member of the Party of Regions aroused such active support.
9 february, 2015 22.48
The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policy contradicts the principles followed by the civilized world, therefore he will soon be defeated, considers the columnist of the GORDON Yevhen Kuzmenko. However, according to the author, it will take months or even years.
16 december, 2014 16.07
Ukrainian Maidan is what must not be named for the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The leaders of the neighboring country are obsessed with maidanophobia. This conclusion was drawn by the columnist of the GORDON Yevheni Kuzmenko after he studied the article by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation "Russia and Ukraine: Living by New Rules".