Archpriest Kovalenko: It is important not to unite all in one church or party, but to learn how to respect the faith of other person

Kovalenko doesn't believe in church superstructure
Kovalenko doesn't believe in church superstructure
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According to the chairman of Synodical information and educational department of UOC MP Georgy Kovalenko, it is early to speak about mass transition of orthodox perishes to the Kiev patriarchy so far, as 30 of 12,5 thousand — is too low indicator.

According to the archpriest Georgy Kovalenko, it is necessary to raise a question not about mechanical unification of orthodox churches, but about a search of spiritual unity and a mutual respect. He declared it in the comment to GORDON .

"A question is not in creating of one church. A question is in whether it is a Christ's church. In order to make it really originally cathedral and to a tool which helps people to go on the way of rescue. Of course, an ideal option is when all Christians of the world belong to one religious community. If to look objectively at a situation, it is hardly possible not only in the near future, but, unfortunately, in general because everyone belongs to his tradition. The more deeply the person loves he tradition, the less he is ready to refuse it"— Kovalenko considers.

"Therefore it is important not to unite everyone in one party or in one church that is hardly possible, but to learn to respect the faith of other person, a shrine of other religion. It is necessary to learn to make dialogue and to cooperate for the good of the people. If to look at the relation of different faiths and religions to terrestrial, social, political and other questions, it will appear that we have more common traits, than distinctions"— the archpriest noted.

According to Georgy Kovalenko, we can make the unity in the country at which everyone can remain their religious traditions.

"At the time of the Maidan a religious community of Ukraine, representatives of different faiths and religions showed a single position. It seems to me that it is important to look for not mechanical unification in one superstructure, but an internal unity where everyone, remaining in their tradition, will feel a part of the whole nation, a part of the country, a part of society and a part of a religious community of this country"— Kovalenko added.

Issues can not be resolved by transitions and captures

"There are no mass transition of perishes from the Moscow patriarchy to Kievan one. 30 perishes even if they really passed, as a part of 12,5 thousand – it is not even a statistical error. This is not a point. Issues cannot be resolved by transitions and captures. I do not trust in superstructure, I believe that we have to learn to recognize the Christian in the representative of other faith, the believer – in the representative of other religion"— the archpriest noted.

In his opinion, it often happens that the person belonging to other religious community is more congenial, than the brother in faith.

"Very often it can appear that the person belonging to other religious community is more congenial, than our brothers in faith. There have to be other reference points, and transition to communities is very often connected with the conflicts, with divisions, even with violence. It's not that base on which the religious unity can be built"— Georgy Kovalenko considers.

"It is very important not to politize religion and not to sakralize political and state process. All of us have to be worthy citizens and as believers we have to love the church and, what is more important, to live on commandments. Many questions, both in political, and in interfaith process would be solved in a different way if every person in this country lived on commandments. The creation of united structure does not solve the issue of unity. We need a dialogue and a cathedral discussion. It has to be a will of people. It can appear that this unity can have different measurements. And that measurement which is offered to us, is not actually a unity"— the representative of UOC MP added.

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