Bukovsky: Everybody expects Putin to be killed by his environment, but these are our expectations, not facts

Expectations are not facts, Bukovsky reminded
Expectations are not facts, Bukovsky reminded
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The Russian writer and dissident Vladimir Bukovsky thinks it senseless to discuss what has happened to the Russian President Vladimir Putin without concrete information.

Discussing possible variants of what is happening with the Russian president and why he does not appear in the public is like reading the tea-leaves. The famous dissident writer Vladimir Bukovsky said it in the comment to the GORDON .

"It is like reading the tea-leaves. He may have flu, he may as well be paralyzed as some web-sites are reporting. We cannot know it. Why speculate on these questions if we do not know concrete facts?" Bukovsky considers.

"I never do thatWe have been expecting his environment to fix him for six months already. Everybody’s feeling that he must end like this is our expectation, not a fact. Therefore I think it senseless to discuss this topic," the writer noted.

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