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Karpuntsov: New criminal proceedings are drafted regarding the case of "dictatorial laws" G

Karpuntsov: New criminal proceedings are drafted regarding the case of Karpuntsov: Russia ignores inquiries from the Ukrainian side 
Photo: Aleksandr Khomenko / Gordonua.com
The Deputy Prosecutor General Valery Karpuntsov declared that the deputies cannot be made responsible for voting for the "dictatorial laws" on January 16, however, the Prosecutor General’s Office will deal with the organizers of this vote.

The Deputy Prosecutor General Valery Karpuntsov in the comment to the GORDON that the Prosecutor General’s Office (GPU) is going to expand the circle of suspects of usurpation of power by Yanukovych's regime.

"If we take the standards of the Constitution, deputies cannot be held responsible for voting and speeches in the parliament regarding the facts that occurred during the vote for "dictatorial laws". But it is not the matter of voting, it is the matter of who was involved in the organization of all this process and who forged protocols of committees," Karpuntsov considers.

"This data provides grounds to say that there are certain facts for other proceedings, apart from Oliynyk and Kaletnik (ex-people's deputies Vladimir Oliynyk and Igor Kaletnik. – GORDON). These proceedings are already being drafted. Many people were involved in it, but some took part as People's Deputies, and some were accomplices of actions for usurpation of power by Yanukovych’s criminal structure. Everyone will be assessed," the Deputy Prosecutor General noted.

Valery Karpuntsov also noted that Russia, where most of Yanukovych's associates suspected of abuse of power are hiding, does not react to the inquiries of Ukrainian law enforcement authorities.

"Basically, all suspects under these cases fled to Russia using gaps in the Criminal Procedure Code. We forward documents to the Russian Federation in order to initiate interstate investigation. They do not react to more than 900 addresses and inquiries of our law enforcement agencies," Karpuntsov noted.

"Yanukovych, Azarov and others were put on the interstate wanted list by the Interpol only in January because the Interpol did not want to include them in the database based on the documents provided before. New proceedings on economic crimes were initiated, and the Interpol included them in the database based on them, and it enabled us to prepare documents to demand their extradition," the employee of GPU added.