Kikhtenko: OSCE has to take under rigid control everybody who violates Minsk accords

Aleksandr Kikhtenko
Aleksandr Kikhtenko
Photo: news24ua.com

It is unreasonable to continue nearly financial support of "DNR" terrorists today, considers the General of the Army and Chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Alexander Kikhtenko.

It is necessary not only to resume negotiations with terrorists, but also intensify the work of observers in the east of Ukraine and to take under control everybody who violates the arrangements – such opinion was expressed by the Chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Alexander Kikhtenko in the comment to the "GORDON" .

"If the previous arrangements were executed, it would be good. But they are not executed, and they are not executed by that very party - by "DNR" and "LNR". So what is the sense in returning to them if they are not executed? Therefore, the question should be raised in a different plane; the OSCE should intensify their activity and take under rigid control everybody who violates the Minsk accords," he said.

According to Kikhtenko, terrorists could not have continued attacks without help from the Russian Federation.

"Russia accuses the Ukrainian side, but it is wrong. We know who violates the arrangements, we feel it ourselves all the time. There are dozens artillery attacks every day, people are killed, the infrastructure is crashing down, and the "DNR" and its representatives are to blame for it, they do not even conceal it. Everything is happening with the help of Russia, it fills up their ammunition as tons of ammunition are necessary to fire at more than 40 positions of the Ukrainian army every day. "DNR" does not have it, they do not produce it, there are deliveries through the open border," Kikhtenko declared and added that the objective of the OSCE monitoring mission is to collect evidence of the escalation of conflict by the Russian side.

Kikhtenko considers that, at this conjuncture, the Ukrainian government acts correctly having deprived the region of the special status.

"Nowadays, the "DNR" administration assumed responsibility, very heavy responsibility. They assured citizens that they will provide high pensions at the Russian level and comfortable life. It is not so. Today, they cannot pay either pensions, or salaries in full, they cannot ensure payment for utilities or ensure repair works. All this has been done to some extent by the Ukrainian side for some time," he said.


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