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Military expert Golts: Russia suspended military operations in August when success was obvious. It cannot unleash them now G

Military expert Golts: Russia suspended military operations in August when success was obvious. It cannot unleash them now
Photo: Radio Svoboda
The Russian military expert Alexander Golts considers that the Russian society approves the Ukrainian campaign carried out by Russia, but it is not ready to put up with increasing death toll which is inevitable in case of new attacks.

The military expert from the Russian Federation Alexander Golts considers that aggressive statements of Ukrainian politicians play into the hands of those who seek to prove inevitability of the renewal of military operations. He declared it in the comment to the GORDON .

"To my deep regret, people who are part of the Ukrainian power structures (I cannot judge their motives) have recently made many aggressive statements that play into the hands of those who want to prove that the renewal of military operations is inevitable," Golts considers.

"If the country believes that there are military threats and if it is more or less obvious that it is not ready for military operations, it seems to me that such statements are treachery. I am not a Ukrainian citizen, but I am well disposed to Ukraine that fell a prey of aggression and such cheap politics under the present circumstances is absolutely inconceivable," the expert noted.

According to Alexander Golts, increased activity of Donbass terrorists is caused by the need to frustrate the Norman-format summit in Astana.

"As for the strengthening of attacks, I have no proofs, but, in my opinion, someone was prepared for the meeting in Astana. It is a kind of false start. For this reason, perhaps, there was aggravation of the conflict. It is obvious that there are forces that are not interested in Russia assuming any obligations for conflict settlement. I do not believe that Russia can start military operations in Ukraine right now. It suspended them last August when the military success was obvious," Golts considers.

As the expert noted, too many factors, from the weather to possible intensification of the Western sanctions, contribute to the fact that there will be no new attacks from Russia so far.

"The major factors in that situation included, firstly, the understanding that even a successful military operation will involve increase death toll that could not be hidden. The Russian society approved and approves the Ukrainian venture, but it is not ready to put up with the death toll. The Russian government understands it very well. Secondly, it was more or less clear even then in August that the sanctions imposed by the West have detrimental effect on the Russian economy. And the situation is even more obvious now that the oil prices have dropped. It is clear that expansion of military operations in Ukraine will mean new sanctions of the West. And the most important thing is that conducting military operations in winter when all caterpillar machines will get stuck means refuse from the factors that give advantage to the Russian forces," Golts considers.