Military expert Sungurovsky: All arms supplies to Ukraine must be targeted and intended only for defence

Sungurovsky: Any arms will help us
Sungurovsky: Any arms will help us
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The UAE may sell us arms of previous generations that remained after army modernization, believes the military expert and director of military programs at the Razumkov Centre Nikolay Sungurovsky.

Ukraine will benefit from any arms, the main thing is that everyone should understand that we need it only for defence, the military expert and director of military programs at the Razumkov Centre Nikolay Sungurovsky said in the comment to the GORDON . 

"Any arms will help us. Now it is not the question of who to buy from. The main thing is to understand what to buy and what for. If we are going to conduct defensive actions, there must be an appropriate strategy and plan of operations. It will show what arms and what means we need. There must be no inconsistency. These supplies must be targeted. I will emphasize that we should not buy whatever, all supplies must be targeted, and the arms are only needed for defensive purposes," he said.

In Sungurovsky’s opinion, the UAE may sell arms that remained after army modernization to Ukraine.

"The UAE rank 43rd in the world rating of arms suppliers. They do not have their own defence industry, but they are rich enough to have a strong and well-equipped army that is frequently modernized. They can sell old arms and purchase new ones. But old does not mean bad. These are arms of previous generationsThey purchased such arms from Russia, too, so we can get more up-to-date Russian arms. These arms can replace those items that broke down," the expert stated.

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