Putin, like any thug, respects strength. While Ukraine is weak, there is no use expecting any sanity from his side

Boris Nemtsov
Boris Nemtsov
Photo: Aleksandr Khomenko/Gordonua.com

Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov believes that Ukraine needs successful reforms and efficient army for normalization of the dialogue with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Leader of the Russian opposition party RPR-Parnas Boris Nemtsov said that the summit in Milan will involve important issues of Ukrainian-Russian relations, but no dramatic changes of the situation can be expected. He said this in the commentary to GORDON.

"The meeting itself is a positive and good thing. I think they will discuss Minsk agreements and gas issue. However, I do not think there will be some breakthroughs, there is a huge lack of trust, but the fact that they will talk about the most important things is true," said Nemtsov.

According to the politician, in order to normalize the dialogue with the northern neighbor, Ukraine needs to be a strong and successful state.

"There will be no breakthrough. How could it be? Our presidents hate each other. The breakthrough will come when Ukraine begins to move economy in the right direction. Once Ukraine begins to make economic reforms and achieves some success in this field, once the Ukrainian army is efficient and stops relying on volunteers, we will see a breakthrough. Putin, like any thug, respects strength. While Ukraine is weak and in crisis, until it begins to get out of the crisis, you should not expect any understanding or sanity from Putin," said Boris Nemtsov.
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