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Ogryzko: Moscow wants to freeze the conflict in Donbass in order to continue controlling the situation in Ukraine G

Ogryzko: Moscow wants to freeze the conflict in Donbass in order to continue controlling the situation in Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko
‘Russians do not want continuation of the "hot" phase of the conflict in the East of Ukraine, they are afraid of the toughening of economic sanctions,’ believes ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko.

‘The Russian Federation is now interested in freezing the conflict in the East of Ukraine as it once happened in Transnistria,’ former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko stated in his comments for GORDON.

‘Then the so-called president was elected in the so-called Transnistria, it was mister Smirnov, and Moscow took advantage of this occasion to say that it wanted to settle the conflict, but Smirnov did not want it. The same is now happening in the territories occupied by the Russian terrorists. And the pseudo-elections to be held in November seem to indicate that we are following the way of Transnistria,’ the expert considers.

According to Ogryzko, Russia is not interested in the continuation of the "hot" phase of the conflict now because of the ever toughening sanctions of the West.

‘Heads of Western countries speak very loudly and in a clear manner about it. Therefore, I think, it is actually a chance for Moscow to legalize the situation in Eastern Ukraine in their understanding and to have this enclave as a splinter to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. To divert our resources and our efforts on our way to Europe,’ Ogryzko said.

The ex-minister considers that the aim of the Ukrainian government now is to waiting for an opportunity to strengthen the defense and to make Ukrainian army really effective.

‘It is obvious that no single politician will ever dare think of giving away Ukrainian territories as such things are precisely stated in the Criminal code of our country. It seems to me that when we talk about implementation of these laws on the special status and everything that was signed in Minsk, we have to state precisely that in case of Russia’s breach of Minsk obligations, we have the right to freely interpret and implement our obligations. Therefore, I do not think that we should pay so much attention to these things now,’ Ogryzko summed up.

On September 16, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada voted the law on the special status of the Donbass region at an executive meeting. Some people's deputies consider that the results of the secret voting for the special status of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and amnesty for terrorists were falsified.