Putin does not cost a mass or why we should not see a hand of the Kremlin in every terrorist G

Putin does not cost a mass or why we should not see a hand of the Kremlin in every terrorist Ukrainians easily fall for and are ready to believe in any conspirology if it is about Putin
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Paranoia and searches of confederacy bring Ukrainians on the territory well familiar to Russia where it is convenient to wage information war, the columnist of the "GORDON" Evgeny Kuzmenko considers.

 Evgeniy Kuzmenko

The other day my friend called. We talked about holidays and celebration. And then he told:

– How do you like what Putin did, huh? What a swine!

– What are you talking about? – I did not understand.

– Well, I mean: Paris, the edition of this "Charlie". Are you absolutely dropped out of news?

I assured him that I follow all the news. But what relation to execution of the Parisian satirists Putin has?

– He certainly arranged it! – my friend shouted. – He arranged a special operation to distract attention from the war with us! And everyone believed! And now everybody speaks only about it! Again we are left alone!

Then there was the tirade about gaybist training and that we cannot count on anybody…

All the rest, I have to admit, I didn't listen to. Because once again I was surprised how easily we give into temptation to play the conspiracy theory. And how we are ready to devotedly trust into any conspirology, if only it was "about Putin and philistines".

And after all, we cannot reproach Ukrainians with artificiality of their suspicions. Against us the whole army of employees of the intelligence services headed by the president from KGB works; the scope of information war against Ukraine can be compared to Goebbels scales. I am not even talking about how Vladimir Vladimirovich's pets work in the West – fed by "Gasprom" ex chancellors and serving prime-ministers.

Arising paranoia plays into the hands of the enemy

That is why I am not surprised when such skilled and wise person as Moustapha Dzhemilev, makes the statement that acts of terrorism in France are favorable first of all to Russia. He, all life fighting against the Soviet services, knows what are they capable of!

And still I am not abandoned by thought that arising paranoia plays into the hands of the enemy. Because all these "Putin is guilty!", "It is Putin who started everything!" not only turn the Russian president into modern professor Moriarty, but also approach standards of paranoia in our society to the all-Russian standards. And at this moment Vladimir Vladimirovich gladly claps. Because tactics of information war consists in imposing to the rival the fight on the known territory.

And that conspirology for the Kremlin – the most beloved occupation, noone doubts. The huge state of Russia lives and eats plots, in the eyes turning into the modernized version of North Korea. Enemies are everywhere. Ramzan Kadyrov accuses of plot against Muslims either Khodorkovsky, or Venediktov. Attack on Grozny is attributed to the Ukrainian intelligence services. The small, but proud intellectual anti-war layer is accused of complicity to the American State Department. The president with an obscene grin on lips tells something about the bear running for pigs on a taiga …

Paranoia climbs in all cracks, softens any brains. Not so long ago youth team of Russia on hockey in the most persistent fight conceded in the tournament final to the home team, Canadians. And what the trainer of Russians told about it? You can guess: "Canadians were afraid to meet us in the final. They in general made everything in order that we did not got there …, It seems, on the one hand all this trifles, but together develops other impression …".

No, I do not want that my society became the same. I do not want that gloomy pensioners spat on birches, and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, having been late aboard the plane, would filter in greedy substituted microphones: "It is all tricks of FSB, they are afraid that I will sing at this festival "Get up", and in Russia the orange revolution … will begin".

The international conferences, musical festivals, sports tournaments and simply friendly junkets on which it is possible to hear two, three, four languages – that is what necessary for us. And this is what the dear Vladimir Vladimirovich is afraid of

And I still disagree with those who complain on social networks: "Just fifteen dead! And we have thousands – and where all these moralizers were lost? Why they do not carry out marches to our support?".

Why? Because for Germans, Italians and British, France is closer geographically, financially and spiritually. Many centuries they were together; they fight, bury, give birth, make, play, have fun together.

And we … we did haven't learnt to be a part of Europe yet. And, it seems, as we rush there, but in practice – still we are in an orbit of Russia, remembering its intrigues at each rustle. The few of us begin morning with a issue of "Guardian" or "La Republica", – but any nonsense from the Russian stars of show business causes surge in rage. Thousands of fairly clever people (and I among them) hurry to answer "those philistines", and, that without noticing, for a while we are coming back to that Soviet cultural ghetto, from where in words we so want to escape.

And still: we only learn to feel pity for other people. It is healthy that in the summer to the Dutch Embassy, and now to French the same thousands of fairly clever people came. Came to share others grief. And remember our reaction in the summer of the 2008th when Russia bombed Georgia? I do not remember the explosion of people's wrath of that time. And after all we were considered to be connected with Georgians by some special bonds of sympathy. So, why do we worry that Parisians forgot about us?

We need to reach for Europe – not only in requests to give us money, but also in sincere desire to find the European identity. The international conferences, university round tables, musical festivals, sports tournaments, an exchange of students and simply friendly junkets on which it is possible to hear two, three, four languages – that is what necessary for us. And this is what the dear Vladimir Vladimirovich is afraid of.

For this reason I mentally nodded in agreement, having heard news about Petro Poroshenko's participation in the Parisian march against terror. You think he went actually to ask for money? Well, so what? Anyway it is worthy gesture, because the head of state has to set a fidelity example of the European values.

We should learn to sympathize our neighbors in the European hostel. No, I understand that from Putin's subject with his industry of death and terror we won't leave for a long time. But let's look for an ethical and esthetic counterbalance at least. And let's leave Vladimir Vladimirovich to grit the teeth alone.