Sushko: With the "elections" in Donbass, Moscow gave a signal that it will be new Transnistria

Sushko: With the "elections" in Donbass, Moscow gave a signal that it will be new Transnistria

Russia does not want direct invasion, however, it is interested in shaking the situation, organizing provocations and points of destabilization in Ukraine, the expert in international issues Aleksandr Sushko is convinced.

The so-called "elections" in "DNR" and "LNR" were necessary to record, conditionally speaking, a certain subject, the director of the Ukrainian Institute of Euro Atlantic Cooperation Aleksandr Sushko said in the comment for the "GORDON" .

"We saw some people before who appeared, came, left, seized buildings, called themselves commanders-in-chief. Then they were somehow dismissed overnight and replaced with other people. All this had no legitimacy but for the legitimacy of a rifle. It means that the one who has arms has power," said Sushko.

"During this time, Russia has more or less decided on the figures who best represent its political program under the circumstances. Since such figures are defined by the Kremlin, it is possible to try to legalize them by means of a kind of elections in order to give a signal that, firstly, Moscow has more or less decided who represents it in Donbass, secondly, that Moscow has decided that it is ready for the conservation of situation. However, there is still a question of borders for I do not think that everything is definitive. At least, a signal is given that it will be new Transnistria and new Abkhazia," the expert thinks.


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