Yury Bereza: The terrorist’s territory should be surrounded with barbed wire and become a sanitary zone

Yury Bereza
Yury Bereza
Photo: bug.org.ua

Ukraine showed by the Minsk accords that it is a European country. Unfortunately, it started playing with sharpers, considers the commander of the battalion "Dnepr-1" Yury Bereza.

Ukraine should not renounce the Minsk accords – bad peace is better than good war, the battalion commander Yury Bereza stated in his comment for the "GORDON" .

"Actually, our army is not yet completely ready for a large-scale war, and I am at a loss: my heart says that we should renounce, and reason, knowing the situation, says that we should not," the battalion commander said.

In his opinion, the law on the special status of some territories of Donbass was definitely abortive from the very beginning. "When there are some agreements, there are at least two contracting parties. They agree to adhere to some certain arrangements. In fact, neither the Russian party nor the effigies from the so-called "DNR" and "LNR" were never able to make any agreements. Ukraine showed once again that, first of all, it is a European country. Unfortunately, we started playing with sharpers. As our former president said, with thimbleriggers," declared Bereza.

The battalion commander considers that Ukraine needs to go on building a competitive active economy. "Not stillborn, but live. When the military economy starts working, and all the other economy will start developing around it, there will be strong Ukraine," he said.



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