Borislav Bereza: Ukraine will be able to get Viktor Fedorovich back after Putin's death

Borislav Bereza
Borislav Bereza
Photo: Luft

The beginning of the trial against the ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych can mark the beginning of prosecution of very many officials who yearn for power again, considers the Head of the Right Sector Information Center Borislav Bereza.

Just two things are required for the state-scale criminals to become objects of judicial prosecution: firstly, political will, secondly, the desire of law enforcement investigating authorities, the speaker of the Right Sector Borislav Bereza stated in his comment to the GORDON.

"I am afraid that in our country, before the reforms are implemented and while many people from Yanukovych's system continue to work there, there will be procrastination of procedures and lack of activity as for the investigation of his crimes. I suspect that the beginning of the trial against Yanukovych can mark the beginning of prosecution of very many officials. Not as witnesses, but as accomplices of his regime. Therefore, they will counteract. And God grant that the president should have enough political will and confidence that it is necessary," Bereza said.

In his opinion, it is the main thing because people wait for changes, people are disappointed, and there is only one step from disappointment to despair.

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