Gelman: Putin can be guaranteed security for him to resign and not to bring Russia to disaster

Marat Gelman
Marat Gelman
Photo: uraloved.ru

Publicist and art manager Marat Gelman believes that Russia has no prospects under the current leadership, and Vladimir Putin had better resign.

The famous gallery owner and political consultant Marat Gelman believes that we should wish Vladimir Putin a voluntary resignation on his birthday. He said this to the GORDON

"On this day, I would wish Vladimir Putin to retire so that the whole country would not be affected by the complexity of Putin’s international ranking and would have prospects in the future. Russia has no prospects under his leadership," says Gelman. 

"Putin has marked his place in history, and it is not necessary to bring Russia to disaster. Now that aggression against Ukraine is on his conscience, after so much lie and violation of all laws, he and his team think of their own security in the first place. I would personally guarantee him this security, as the fate of the country is more important than the justice of punishment. Of course, if only he resigns from his office of the President of the Russian Federation," added the gallery owner.

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