Kaplin: Either this Rada will work well for the whole term, or people will drive out the deputies and shoot them together with the Cabinet of Ministers at the Lobanovsky stadium

Sergey Kaplin
Sergey Kaplin
Photo: on-line.poltava.ua

The People's Deputy from Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc Sergey Kaplin believes that the new Verkhovna Rada will be subject to cardinal reforms and it will change dramatically in the future.

The People's Deputy from Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc Sergey Kaplin considers that unless the new Verkhovna Rada works effectively, it will face a people’s riot. He mentioned it in his comment to the GORDON edition.

"The Verkhovna Rada has two ways. The first one is a good way, then it will work for the whole term. And the second way is that people will gather in the fall and drive it down Grushevskoho Street. It will happen on a Friday when the Prime Minister, ministers and the whole government come there. And people will drive them all together, both the government, the Rada, the coalition, and the opposition, and shoot them all at Lobanovsky stadium," Kaplin declared.

"I said 2 years ago, "Be careful after Maidan, there will be a war with Russia". But nobody listened to me. "Be careful, they will take away the Crimea! Be careful, they will attack the east!" And now I make my next forecast. Everything depends on every deputy personally. I want to emphasize that the people who came to the parliament have to understand one thing – they should not rely on the collective mind of factions, groups or even the left or right wing of the parliament. Today, everyone must realize that, firstly, their life, secondly, the life of the country are in their hands. There is only one faction for each deputy – it is called the faction of the Ukrainian people that expects serious changes. And everyone should become independent. And the future of both deputies, parliament, and the country will depend no how independent and self-sufficient every politician will become," the People's Deputy noted.

According to Sergey Kaplin, the new structure of the Verkhovna Rada will be subject to considerable reforms.

"This parliament will undergo incredible reforms throughout its existence. Simply incredible, sometimes contradictory, sometimes necessary, sometimes both contradictory and necessary with such a dynamics and geography as chess figures move on the board. Pawns will become queens, queens will fall after the first 20 minutes of game. This parliament is just dough or clay that will be used to mould the Ukrainian parliamentarism so it will undergo serious changes," Kaplin declared.

"There is a functional discussion in the parliament, the main thing that it should be aimed at finding a precise formula for ensuring prosperity of the country as soon as possible. The democratic camp consists of approximately 89% of parliamentarians. Migration within the groups between factions is a normal process and it will take place both from the People’s front to our party and from our party to the Front, both to Batkivshchina and from it. The main thing is that the coalition agreement should be carried out. I promise that I will learn the coalition agreement by heart and will see to it that its every letter and every sentence should be provided with relevant laws, and, above all, with the spirit and actions of the government and the coalition. It is the most important thing today. And it does not matter what rotations there will be. People do not need moves of the figures, they need the result of the agreement implementation," the People's Deputy noted.

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