Ogryzko: The republicans’ victory will force Obama to look for a compromise in the Ukrainian question if he thinks of the future of his party

Vladimir Ogryzko
Vladimir Ogryzko
Photo: obozrevatel.com

The famous Ukrainian diplomat Vladimir Ogryzko considers that the victory of the republicans at the congressional elections in the USA is a powerful signal for the democrats that there is something wrong in their policy.

According to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko, after the victory of the Republican Party at the elections in the USA it is highly probable that there will be new compromises between the branches of power, however, the decision lies with Barack Obama. He said about it in the comment to the "GORDON" .

"In the USA as in the democratic country, the system is formed in such a way that the Congress, in this case republican, or the Senate, or the House of Representatives cannot make any decision without the president's consent. Anyway, both the Congress and the president will need to look for points of contact, understanding, compromise," Ogryzko considers.

"These events mean that it is obvious that the pressure on the president from the Congress will increase now. And they will have to reach a compromise. Otherwise, if the Congress adopts a law, and the president vetoes it, the law will not come into force," the diplomat noted.

According to Vladimir Ogryzko, Obama should look for compromises with the republicans if he wants his party to win the following presidential elections.

"It is simply a signal for Obama that the situation is changing and that he should probably take into account that only two years are remaining before the following presidential elections. And if he thinks of his party, it is necessary to look for points of contact and find a compromise. Otherwise, the republicans will "troll" the democrats and show that they do not react adequately to the challenges of the epoch, and it will negatively affect the image of the party," the expert considers.


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