Vadim Rabinovich: Democracy in the country is over, we will watch the government bring the country to a complete ruin

Vadim Rabinovich
Vadim Rabinovich
Photo: Vadim Rabinovich/ Facebook

The People's Deputy from the Oppositional Bloc Vadim Rabinovich considers that the pro-presidential coalition violated democratic principles, having deprived the senior deputy Efim Zvyagilsky of the right to open the session of the new parliament.

The leader of the Center party and representative of the Oppositional bloc Vadim Rabinovich hopes that the newly elected Rada will work for the whole term. He declared it in the comment to the GORDON edition.

"When a person is born, everybody wants it to live forever, so I hope that she it will work for the whole term. It is wrong to go working in the Rada that you know is doomed," Rabinovich noted.

According to the representative of the Oppositional Bloc, changes in the procedure of adjuration by newly elected deputies indicate antidemocratic sentiments in the pro-government coalition.

"I want to see how it will work. I know that, according to the Constitution, the senior deputy has to open the session, and it is Zvyagilsky (Deputy from the Oppositional Bloc Efim Zvyagilsky. –GORDON), but he was not allowed to do it. It is an acid test of the new parliament for me because when Hitler came to power in 1932, the communist parliament was opened by Klara Tsetkin, the oldest deputy then. Even Hitler did not dare do such nonsenses. Our democracy did not allow Zvyagilsky to do it and invented a trick. I think that they are able to surpass Yanukovych and not to let the opposition into committees. Then I think that the democracy in the country is over, and we will watch them bring the country to a complete ruin. Maybe, then there will be no Verkhovna Rada under such leadership," Rabinovich declared.



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