Member of Parliament Zagoriy declared 95 patents and trademarks, 1.5 mln hrivnias in charity donations and royalty from Darnitsa of 11.73 mln

Zagoriy’s salary as a Verkhovna Rada lawmaker amounted to 329 583 UAH
Zagoriy’s salary as a Verkhovna Rada lawmaker amounted to  329 583 UAH
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Glib Zagoriy, MP from Petro Poroshenko Bloc, reported that he donated to charities all of his salary for 2018.

Glib Zagoriy, MP from Petro Poroshenko Bloc, stated in his electronic declaration of 2018 that he owns 95 patents and trademarks, mostly in pharmaceutical domain. The declaration was filed to Unified State Electronic Declarations Registry on March 31, 2019.

According to the document in 2018 the lawmaker donate to charities more than 1.5 mln UAH. He told Ukrainian News that he directed full amount of his salary to donations.

Zagoriy is the ultimate beneficiary of the PrJSC “Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”, PJSC SIC “Borshchahivskiy CPP” and Farmak JSC. Lawmaker reported leased land plot with an area of 40,778 square meters, the 271.5 square meters apartment and the 423.7 square meters office also on lease. As well declaration mentions the right to use a 760.8 square meters country house and a land plot with an area of 5,423 square meters possessed by lawmaker’s wife Kateryna Zagoriy.

Four years in a row Zagoriy declared Tesla SP85D vehicle made in 2015, leased Mercedes-Benz S 600, year 2012, and  BMW Alpina B7, year 2017. Kateryna Zagoriy owns Range Rover produced in 2014.

Zagoriy’s salary for his Verkhovna Rada member duties sums up to 329 583 UAH. He was also paid for his part-time scientific work at two universities.

The lawmaker explained that his wife’s real revenue constitutes approximately 14 mln UAH and not 531 mln UAH as the declaration reads. That is because of expenses are not to be declared, and there were 521 mln UAH expenses made during bonds trading last year. The difference should be added to bounds coupons income.

Zagoriy also received 1.9 mln UAH income from the sale of personal property and  11.73 mln UAH as royalty from PrJSC “Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”.

On bank accounts he possesses 4.8 mln USD, in cash  – $2,1 mln, €421 thousand, 5.4 mln UAH, and 37 mln UAH in debitor obligations on corporate rights and $1 mln lent to third parties.

Zagoriy declared two items of weaponry, cufflinks, antiques, collectible sculptures and paintings of 20th century. His wife owns collections of Ukrainian traditional costumes, carpets and works of art.

Last year Darnitsa increased it’s net profit for almost a third up to 449 mln UAH. It is expected that during the annual stockholders meeting on April 3, they will decide to designate full amount of the profit of 2018 for the development of the company and to refrain from dividends payments.

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