Shymkiv stated that innovative medical technologies became more affordable

Shymkiv stated that innovative medical technologies became more affordable Dmytro Shymkiv (in the middle): We are considering usage of artificial intelligence in researches in silico
Photo: press-service Darnitsa Group
In order to seize new opportunities of health care, Ukrainians could join start-up programs and participate in researches, noted Dmytro Shymkiv, Executive Chairman of Darnitsa Group, during panel discussion HealthTech Talk organized by European business association with support of Darnitsa Group and Philips. On September 6, RBC Ukraine wrote about the event.

Shymkiv pointed out that rapid development of Health Tech researches at the boundary between technologies, medicine and pharmaceuticals made prevention and treatment of many diseases more affordable, and now people can choose between different tools of health biomarkers monitoring. Furthermore, a segment of early stage diagnostics is gradually forming around the researches of such kind. 

“The next big trend is usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning that enables processing of accumulated knowledge as well as biodata, and allows formulating recommendations. It includes cardiology, muscular conditions, arterial pressure parameters and so on”, – he remarked.

He added that if health parameters of millions of people are monitored 24 hours a day it will lead to creation of colossal database. Artificial intelligence will analyze that database. This will open up new opportunities. Darnitsa Group is already contemplating implementation of artificial intelligence for business development as well as for researches on patients’ behavior and their adherence to treatment. 

“We are considering application of artificial intelligence in researches in silico. For now, there is no such platforms developed in Ukraine, which is why we look into solutions from the USA. Second destination for us is exploration of possible new applications of already known molecules”, – said Shymkiv.

He reminded that due to coronavirus pandemic outbreak development of telemedicine has accelerated. This sector has grown by 35–40% worldwide, and startups in this field already exist in Ukraine. Executive Chairman of Darnitsa Group is convinced that face-to-face contact with a doctor will progressively become outdated, and telemedicine will take its place on the initial stage of treatment.

“It will solve one more problem experienced all over the world – a lack of doctors”, – underlined Shymkiv.

With regard to long-term therapy or surgery, the technology of future is medical robots, he believes. Another important novation will introduce personalized drugs – a system of assigning individual medication dosages and drug treatment dynamics. According to the specialist, testing of these systems are already in progress in Ukraine. Digiceuticals (digital therapeutics) is another direction in which medicine is evolving. It is about prescription of certain mobile applications that for example monitor and correct patients’ psychological conditions.

“One area is PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. Applications like these are already in use for treatment of neuroses, – Shymkiv noted, – There are apps that monitor your sleeping habits or those that use specifically designed games to produce a sedative effect on the brain. All top-level international pharmaceutical companies have departments working with digiceuticals. We are exploring this field, too. We have eyes on some startups and possible collaborations. We see ourselves as a company that after some time will not only offer pills and infusions but also applications involved in healing process.”

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