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The most expensive brands of Ukraine named

The most expensive brands of Ukraine named Korrespondent magazine has prepared a rating of the most expensive brands in Ukraine

Photo: National Bank Of Ukraine / Flickr
On April 22, the magazine Korrespondent has published a rating of the most expensive brands in Ukraine.

Among the top five are Kyivstar telecommunications company (the magazine estimated its value at $225.48 million), Rozetka online shop ($210.42 million), Darnitsa pharmaceutical company ($187.23 million), the mineral waters brand Morshynska ($ 173.25 million) and Nova Poshta postal operator ($170.01 million).

The rating includes representatives of Ukrainian food and alcohol industry, fuel, energy and construction business, online commerce, distributors of household appliances and portable electronics, retail chains, banks, telecommunications companies, pharmaceutical, logistics and transport companies. Multinational companies established outside the country have not been included in the list.

The authors of the rating note that they have not taken into account “subjective indicators that are difficult to measure” for its compilation as well as “GDP dynamics, inflation rates, since due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukrainian economy decreased its growth rate by 4% in 2020.” Despite this, the total value of the entire list of brands has grown by 1.5%, the article reads. 


Ukrainian companies have become less susceptible to problems in the economy, and leaders win compared to those who are catching up with them during a crisis. Because in difficult times, people want to trust those whom they bring their money to. And trust is almost a key component of any brand, and therefore, its value. The largest growth in the brand value has been shown by three leaders – Kyivstar, Rozetka and Darnitsa. And it is not surprising: those companies get to the very top of the rating, for which the brand and its perception in society are not just idle words,” the authors of the rating believe.