Volodymyr Yatsenko, the co-founder of Monobank will give UAH 20 million to manufacturer whose UAV will fly to the Red Square on May 9

Volodymyr Yatsenko: May, 9th is a very opportune moment
Volodymyr Yatsenko: May, 9th is a very opportune moment
Photo: Володимир Яценко / Facebook

UAH 20 million will be granted to Ukrainian UAV manufacturer whose drone will fly and land on the Red Square in Moscow during the parade on May 9. This award was announced by Volodymyr Yatsenko, the co-founder of Monobank and the manufacturer of the Dovbush T10 UAV, live on air of the United National Telethon. Anyone may join and increase the amount – for this he published details with a link to the bank on his Facebook page.

"May, 9th is a very opportune moment. Because, as I have read, Putin is planning a parade on the Red Square, and there will be a lot of militaries. That is, it will be, as they say, "legitimate military goals." Therefore, I call on everyone who is related to the production of UAVs – let's create a "holiday" for him. So, I am officially awarding a prize to a Ukrainian UAV manufacturer whose drone, with the help of the military, of course, will fly to and land on the Red Square in Moscow on May 9. The amount of the award is currently UAH 20,000,000. I hope that this amount will be fairly divided between the manufacturer who will use it to improve the UAV and military operators who will successfully complete the task. To avoid misunderstandings, the Ukrainian slogan should be on the wings, for example, "Glory to Ukraine", "Glory to Heroes", etc. By the way, our Dovbush drones will fly separately from competition, so that it does not look like as an unfair game. In other words, I will not pay the bonus to myself. I started the monobanks’a “money jar” (bank account with accumulating money on it), and it already has UAH 20 million deposited by me. If someone who is interested wants to join, I made the maximum amount larger – up to UAH 40 million," said Volodymyr Yatsenko.

He noted that this is a task that is quite realistic to complete, because they had already made a "training flight" on March 28, when a small drone with the Ukrainian slogans was found in New Moscow – 45 km from the Red Square.

"On March 28, there were already news that some small training drone with the Ukrainian slogans flew to New Moscow. But it hit a high-voltage line. We had just 45 km to Red Square left to fly. It was the preparation for the parade. We watched how they reacted – whether they saw us or not. And I can say that everything will be fine. So, let's arrange a ‘holiday’ for them together!" – urged Volodymyr Yatsenko.

In addition, the developer of "Dovbush" said that his team is currently working on creating a drone that can cover a distance of 500 and 1000 kilometres.

"We are currently working on that and there are both 500 and 1,000 km. Every city in Russia must feel that it is at war, that war is near, every military facility must be struck by our drones. Then this war will end very quickly," Volodymyr Yatsenko said.

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