20 january, 2021 11.23
In Ukraine, it is possible to defeat oligarchs if their representation in Verkhovna Rada would be limited and they would be deprived of control over information policies, declared President Volodymyr Zelensky.
5 march, 2015 20.05
Chairman of the board of the "Anti-corruption Centre" and activist of "Democratic Alliance" Vitaly Shabunin sees no reason for optimism in the issue of bringing to responsibility judges and officials of Yanukovych times.
19 january, 2015 14.38
Moneybags in the uniforms of prosecutors arouse resentment in Ukrainian society, but their connections are admired and their prosperity is envied. The columnist of the GORDON Yevhen Kuzmenko dwells on why it makes no sense to curse Donetsk prosecutors that were granted the status of ATO participants.
11 january, 2015 22.58
It is not about destroying corruption in general, because it is invincible as an original sin, but more about placing it into a civilized framework and taking it away from the higher levels of the state, the Ukrainian historian Yaroslav Gritsak noted.
10 january, 2015 18.54
Creation of National anti-corruption bureau as panaceas from corruption is a game and the next example of fetishization of some unclear institute of the power, the ex-Minister of Justice of Ukraine Sergey Golovaty considers.
30 december, 2014 23.37
The peace in Ukraine is likely to come. But to make any predictions, dealing with crazy maniac is difficult, former MP, political expert Chornovil thinks.
11 december, 2014 20.52
The mayor of Lviv and Chairman of the Samopomich party Andrey Sadovyi is convinced that all money of the country will continue settling down in Kiev without laws on decentralization.