17 september, 2018 11.29  
The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, presided by Borys Lozhkin since the end of May 2018, has announced launch of four new projects.
14 september, 2018 13.10
Weekly printed magazine Korrespondent has ranked the most expensive brands operating in Ukraine.
22 august, 2018 18.32
Center for the National Interest and it’s journal created in the USA by Soviet-born Dmitri Simes instead of serving American interests serve only those of the Kremlin and Simes himself, declares Yuri Felshtinsky, Russian-American historian. In an exclusive material for GORDON Felshtinsky wrote about Simes’ specific activities, his influence on American politics and his connections with top-level officials in Russia and in the USA.
11 august, 2018 14.49
A project team has been preparing for launching the UNIT.City in Kyiv for 10 years, learning from the experience of other countries, said the investor Vasyl Khmelnytsky.
26 july, 2018 13.40
After visiting Bila Tserkva industrial park and Biopharma Pharmaceutical Plant established by the prominent businessman Vasyl Khmelnytsky, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Ukraine Du Wei said that Ukraine and China had major opportunities for the co-production and creation of business projects.
9 july, 2018 14.00
Russian-American historian Yuri Felshtinsky is known for his investigation into schemes that Russian regime uses to corrupt Western politicians and officials. In an exclusive article for GORDON he describes how the sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Salvator Mundi”/“Savior of the World” helped President Donald Trump to get out from under $95 million debt that he owed Dmitry Rybolovlev, Russian billionaire and President Vladimir Putin’s henchman
25 june, 2018 13.24
The aim of the project is to save the lives of Ukrainian children by raising funds to support Ukrainian children's medical facilities. The idea is to collect works of modern Ukrainian artists and sell them at a charity auction, said businessman Boris Lozhkin.
7 june, 2018 10.38
Businessman and an investor Borys Lozhkin took part in the work of the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress for the first time. Нe noted that the main topic of the discussion was the fight against the growing manifestations of Anti-Semitism, including in the political parties around the world.
25 may, 2018 17.13  
A detailed work plan for the confederation will be approved in the course of the following meetings, said businessman Borys Lozhkin.
1 may, 2018 10.03
On April 9 during his press-conference in Moscow deputy attorney general of Russia Saak Karapetyan declared that businessman Boris Berezovsky obtained asylum in Great Britain by falsely accusing Russian secret service agencies of plotting his assassination and that Berezovsky’s death favored London’s interests. In exclusive material for GORDON Russian-American historian Yuri Felshtinsky described events which preceded English authorities decision to grant asylum to Berezovsky, published intimidating letters to the businessman and expert opinion on them.
24 april, 2018 13.34
Businessman Boris Berezovsky was warned that his assassination attempt was being planned, hitmen were apprehended, but he never paid the informer, wrote in an exclusive material for GORDON Russian-Americam historian Yuri Felshtinsky. He also explains how Berezovsky was connected with former Deputy CEO at Aeroflot Company Nikolai Glushkov who had been found strangled in London on March, 12. And about the role that was played in their lives by ex-entrepreneur, ex-KGB agent and sitting member of Russian parliament Andrey Lugovoy.
6 april, 2018 12.12
Ukrainian shareholders of Versobank AS Vadym Iermolaiev and Stanislav Vilenskiy claim that the bank didn't systematically breach the Anti-Money Laundering regulations when its license was being revoked.
12 march, 2018 10.33
Sergei Skripal, an officer of GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate – military intelligence agency in Russia), who was convicted of high treason, was possibly poisoned by the nerve gas in the British town of Salisbury. American historian Yuri Felshtinsky in exclusive article for GORDON explained the possible meaning of these new atrocities by the Russian secret service.
22 february, 2018 18.55
The documents Ministry of Finance submitted for parliament’s financial committee consideration could not be called Development Strategy, thinks Serhii Rybalka, MP from Radical party.
21 february, 2018 12.00
Last year Russian businessman Michael Babel fled to the USA. Russian prosecutors accused him of fraud and called for an international search. However, they have not demanded his extradition up to now. Russian-American historian Yuri Felshtinsky in exclusive article for GORDON has looked into Babel’s connections with Russian highest officials and businessmen and with President Trump family.
15 february, 2018 18.40  
President, Prime-Minister and top officials at National bank of Ukraine meet the IMF representatives, it is necessary that Chairman of Parliament would also have such contacts, declared Serhii Rybalka, Member of Parliament from Radical party, member of the Financial Policy and Banking Committee.
12 february, 2018 12.36
Various law enforcement officers under made-up pretexts confiscate equipment and cryptocurrencies from the miners. It can only be stopped by the adoption of the specific law on cryptocurrencies, said Serhii Rybalka, Member of Parliament from Radical party, member of the Financial Policy and Banking Committee.
11 september, 2017 09.00
The most valuable secret that could be uncovered to American Department of Justice by former Gazprom-Media boss Mikhail Lesin who died in Washington last November was the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin had planned to use Russia Today to make Donald Trump the President of the USA, claims in his article for GORDON Yuri Felshtinsky, Russian American historian, the author of ‘Blowing up Russia’.
22 may, 2017 11.36
The President of the United States Donald Trump could not decline the request by the Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet with Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kisliak. Yuri Felshtinsky, a Russian-American historian, author of "Blowing up Russia" and "The Corporation: Russia and the KGB in the Age of President Putin" wrote about this in an exclusive material for GORDON, commenting on accusations against Trump who had allegedly leaked highly classified information to the Russians.
12 april, 2017 10.30
U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen received a check for $350,000 in 1999 for one of the leaders of the Izmaylovskaya Organized Crime Group. It was reported in an exclusive material for "GORDON" by Yuri Felshtinsky, a Russian American historian and the author of the book “Blowing up Russia: Terror from Within”. Based on more than a hundred archival records of American courts, which are open to the public in the US, the expert maintains that the Russian hockey player Vladimir Malakhov was used in the scheme, and the whole story was revealed accidentally because of a check, which became the subject of litigation. All the supporting documents are available in the editorial office.
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