8 february, 2021 22.22
Participation in the global network gives Darnitsa new opportunities for improving professional competencies in context of COVID-19 pandemic, the company remarks.
Darnitsa plans to focus on improving and raising standards for documents preparation, performance of clinical trials, quality assurance and market access of drugs, as well as monitoring of their administration.
20 january, 2021 13.20
Nowadays the world is actively discussing new opportunities for collecting data for pharmacovigilance and there are various projects already that in the near future may become a usual everyday occurrence in Ukraine, said Alexander Torgun, the head of the department for regulatory issues of "Darnitsa" pharmaceutical company.
25 april, 2019 12.19  
Due to congenital achromatopsia Neil Harbisson was not able to see different colors. That is why 15 years ago he implanted in his skull an antenna with microchips and that allowed him to identify sound frequencies and to “hear” colors.
22 january, 2019 19.32
Generics are cheaper than original medicines and they comprise the majority of drugs in Ukraine, but intellectual property law in Ukraine does not allow commencing generic drug development before international patent for original substance is not expired, declared Svitlana Didenko, the Member of the Supervisory Council of PrJSC “Pharmaceutical firm Darnitsa”.
8 march, 2014 22.53  
Seven Ukrainians injured during skirmishes on the Maidan are being treated in Austria now. Clinics can accept more patients, but Ukraine must organize the process from its side.