2 november, 2016 16.33
Yuri Felshtinsky, a Russian American historian, is sure that the Republican Party nominee for U.S. President Donald Trump has been recruited by Russia and acts in the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an exclusive column for GORDON, the author stresses that he has no evidence to corroborate this claim, but all Trump’s statements and actions fit into an agent’s pattern of behavior.
18 january, 2016 14.30  
Zhovten, one of the oldest Ukrainian cinemas, opened in Kiev a year after the arson. The reconstruction lasted almost a year with the cinema restoration costing the municipal budget UAH 53 mln. However, only the actual perpetrators have been punished, while the hirers whose main goal was to seize the building and the land parcel have not been found yet. The deputy of Kyiv Council Dmitriy Gordon, whose efforts helped beat off the raid on Zhovten, said to Gordon’s Boulevard that he would put as much effort as possible to have the masterminds of the arson not only named but also punished.
1 may, 2015 19.23  
A former Soviet intelligence officer and now an American financial analyst Yuri Shvets told "Gordon" that in spite of the official biography, the Russian president has never worked in intelligence office because of "below average abilities", about what nicknames Putin had in the KGB and what two papers signed by US President would be enough to derail the economy of Russia.
17 march, 2015 23.58
The former Head of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defence, General of the Army of Ukraine Yevgeny Marchuk said in the interview to the GORDON why the West fears to provide Ukrainian army with defence weapons, how the Russian president Vladimir Putin blackmails world leaders and what the former Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov really said in his interview.
17 march, 2015 22.44
Terrorists will not recognize the line elaborated by Ukraine, and there will be another round of conflict escalation, considers the blogger from Donetsk and journalist Denis Kazansky.
17 march, 2015 21.13
The "special status" of some Donbass regions is one of the main achievements of the second part of the Minsk accords, the Donetsk activist and volunteer of the initiative group "Responsible Citizens of Donbass" Enrique Menendez.
17 march, 2015 20.46
If military actions are resumed, the terrorists will be defeated and thrown out of the Ukrainian territory unless Russia meddles in, declared the Donbass battalion commander and people’s deputy from the Samopomich party Semen Semenchenko.
17 march, 2015 02.37
In the opinion of the Ukrainian historian and professor at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Yaroslav Gritsak, the Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that he does not conquer Ukraine but saves it and that Ukrainians must be grateful to him.
17 march, 2015 01.51
Whatever the Russian President Vladimir Putin may say, the operation for annexation of the Crimea was being prepared for a long time, considers the ex-Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, former Prime Minister, Minister of Defence and Secretary of the Council of National Security and Defence Yevgeny Marchuk.
17 march, 2015 01.22
According to the Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar People Refat Chubarov, the film "Crimea. The Road to the Homeland" portrayed the leader of a large state who says that he solely makes inadequate decisions.
17 march, 2015 01.05
Probably, the film "Donbass. Return to Homeland" may be released in a year, considers the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko.
14 march, 2015 00.16
The political scientist and head of the Centre of Applied Political Research "Penta" Vladimir Fesenko in the comment to the GORDON described the main reasons for the Russian president’s absence from public view, the image trap into which Vladimir Putin caught himself, and the struggle within the Russian leader’s environment.
13 march, 2015 22.14
The Russian financier Slava Rabinovich thinks that if the Russian President Vladimir Putin is in his right mind now, he thoroughly studies circumstances of Boris Nemtsov’s murder.
13 march, 2015 21.14
The Russian writer and dissident Vladimir Bukovsky thinks it senseless to discuss what has happened to the Russian President Vladimir Putin without concrete information.
13 march, 2015 02.16  
"Boris Nemtsov was killed by the order from Vladimir Putin’s close associates, the Federal Security Service (FSB) was involved in the operation. The names of the people involved have been reported to the Russian President, so they will be removed without fuss soon," an FSB colonel reported in the interview to the GORDON .
13 march, 2015 00.39
The economic expert and President of the Centre for Economic Development Alexander Paskhaver considers that the IMF loan granted to Ukraine will help remove uncertainty and will slightly stabilize the economic situation.
13 march, 2015 00.00
Ex-Minister of Housing and Utilities (2007– 2010) Aleksey Kucherenko believes that the main goal of granting money by the IMF is stabilization of the foreign currency rate and a positive signal for other lenders.
12 march, 2015 23.32
Doctor of Economics and managing partner at the Capital Times investment company Eric Nayman believes that another round of hyperinflation would have awaited Ukraine if it had not received the IMF loan.
11 march, 2015 21.47
Mariupol is fortified relatively well, it cannot be seized with a frontal attack, considers the coordinator of the Informational Resistance group and people’s deputy Dmitry Tymchuk.
11 march, 2015 21.06
It is relatively calm in Lugansk region now, but this lull is temporary, reported the representative of the socio-political European movement "Free Caucasus" in Ukraine Amina Okueva.
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