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anti-terrorist operation

11 march, 2015 21.47
Mariupol is fortified relatively well, it cannot be seized with a frontal attack, considers the coordinator of the Informational Resistance group and people’s deputy Dmitry Tymchuk.
11 march, 2015 21.06
It is relatively calm in Lugansk region now, but this lull is temporary, reported the representative of the socio-political European movement "Free Caucasus" in Ukraine Amina Okueva.
26 february, 2015 21.52
The author of "The FSB Blowing up Russia" and "The Corporation. Russia and the KGB in the Age of President Putin", Russian-American historian Yuri Felshtinsky believes that Russia has only military leverage in relation to Ukraine that is not enough to seize the country. He sent his new article on the mechanisms of influence on Russia and on President Vladimir Putin’s mistakes to the GORDON .
22 january, 2015 20.13
There has been no single day for the months of "truce" since September that the pro-Russian terrorists started fire less than 15 times, the deputy from the People’s Front party and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and National Security Dmitry Tymchuk stated.
20 january, 2015 00.15
If we start clearing up the territories, Russia will follow the scenario of large-scale invasion, the former Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine General Nikolay Malomuzh considers.
19 january, 2015 22.29
Russia is a very strong country in terms of resources, therefore the war can last until the end of the century unless the delivery of resources and military equipment to terrorists is blocked, considers the people's deputy from the People’s Front party Yury Bereza.
19 january, 2015 14.38
Moneybags in the uniforms of prosecutors arouse resentment in Ukrainian society, but their connections are admired and their prosperity is envied. The columnist of the GORDON Yevhen Kuzmenko dwells on why it makes no sense to curse Donetsk prosecutors that were granted the status of ATO participants.
3 september, 2014 19.29
There are both soldiers of regular units and members of voluntary battalions among them, the Deputy Military Commissar of Zaporozhie region Mikhail Logvinov reported.