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4 march, 2015 20.23
Fake about 1000 hryvnia bill does not work for the Ukrainians, because they see a lot of fakes on a daily basis, but we need to work actively with the Russian society, because it is also a hostage of Putin's policies, said the deputy head of the party "Svoboda" Yurii Sirotyuk.
27 february, 2015 20.56
The Chairman of the Radical Party faction Oleg Lyashko considers that the management of the National Bank not only weakens the rate of the national currency but also destroys the Ukrainian economy by their actions.
24 february, 2015 22.45
Panic is one of the major factors of the decrease in the value of the country’s currency, stated the prominent economic expert and President of the Centre for Economic Development Alexander Paskhaver.
24 february, 2015 22.03
The economic situation must be improved by the Ukrainians themselves together with international financial organizations, considers the Russian financier Slava Rabinovich.
12 november, 2014 19.45
The growing exchange rates involve both speculators and public at large and it is much more difficult to suppress, believes the Ukrainian banker, economist and financier, former Deputy Head of the National Bank of Ukraine Sergey Yaremenko.
12 november, 2014 19.24
The Ukrainian government should curtail expenses and start economic and energy reforms, considers Anders Aslund, a Swedish economist and Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (USA).
4 october, 2014 20.33
People’s deputy from Batkivshchyna Aleksandra Kuzhel believes that there are no economic grounds for further sagging of the hryvnia rate and that the currency exchange market is feverish due to speculative operations.
3 october, 2014 12.48
Ukrainian foreign exchange market is going through hard times now. Hryvnia exchange rate in the interbank market has stopped its rapid dropping; however, cash currency is now out of circulation. Every day it is getting more and more difficult to buy euros or dollars in a bank or an exchange office, which results in the growth of a “black” market with its own rates. Does it mean that the official hryvnia exchange rate is overrated and that we have not reached the bottom yet? What awaits our currency in the next several months? GORDON asked experts about it.