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20 september, 2019 12.31
Oleg Kalugin is a former Soviet Foreign Intelligence Service officer, then a Counter-Intelligence Service officer and a KGB General. In the USSR, he served as immediate supervisor of Vladimir Putin, President of RF. Now Kalugin lives in the USA. Yuri Felshtinky, a Russian American historian, recently interviewed Kalugin. They talked about US President Donald Trump and his ties with Russia. GORDON exclusively publishes transcription of this conversation.
12 march, 2018 10.33
Sergei Skripal, an officer of GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate – military intelligence agency in Russia), who was convicted of high treason, was possibly poisoned by the nerve gas in the British town of Salisbury. American historian Yuri Felshtinsky in exclusive article for GORDON explained the possible meaning of these new atrocities by the Russian secret service.
17 march, 2015 02.37
In the opinion of the Ukrainian historian and professor at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Yaroslav Gritsak, the Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that he does not conquer Ukraine but saves it and that Ukrainians must be grateful to him.
9 march, 2015 22.45
Until Nemtsov’s murder is investigated by an independent commission everything that is happening now is a farce of political terrorism, believes the Russian financier and investment banker Slava Rabinovich.
18 february, 2015 23.16  
Former Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and General of the Ukrainian Army Nikolay Malomuzh explained in an exclusive interview to the GORDON how Russia was preparing the seizure of the Crimea as far back as in the 1990s, whether the war in Donbass could have been averted and when Yanukovych planned to return to power.
4 february, 2015 16.10
One of the most popular Russian bloggers Rustem Adagamov told "Gordon" why "conventional Putin - is everything that Russians need", about a unique weapon in world history - the Kremlin's propaganda, and about why Russian people so easily exchanged "stability" for war.
3 february, 2015 21.49
The politics of Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming more harmful for the country. It will cause the fall of the regime, said in an exclusive interview with "GORDON" Russian historian, philosopher and theologian Andrey Zubov.
5 january, 2015 15.27  
The Russian political scientist, the publicist, the leading researcher of Institute of the system analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrey Piontkovsky in exclusive interview to GORDON told about why the Russian power hurried with announcement of a sentence to Navalny, what help to Lugansk fighters was promised by Medvedev and who needs to be judged together with Putin.
20 october, 2014 20.52
The special adviser of the president of Gorbachev Foundation Victor Mironenko disproved information about the death of the ex-president of the USSR in the exclusive comment to the GORDON and told that tomorrow, October 21, Mikhail Gorbachev is planning to take part in the conference timed to the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Iron Curtain.