23 may, 2019 17.47
International Monetary Fund delegation carries on its work in Kyiv and negotiates with Ukrainian officials, says Gerry Rice, Director of the Communications Department at IMF.
15 february, 2018 18.40  
President, Prime-Minister and top officials at National bank of Ukraine meet the IMF representatives, it is necessary that Chairman of Parliament would also have such contacts, declared Serhii Rybalka, Member of Parliament from Radical party, member of the Financial Policy and Banking Committee.
13 march, 2015 00.39
The economic expert and President of the Centre for Economic Development Alexander Paskhaver considers that the IMF loan granted to Ukraine will help remove uncertainty and will slightly stabilize the economic situation.
13 march, 2015 00.00
Ex-Minister of Housing and Utilities (2007– 2010) Aleksey Kucherenko believes that the main goal of granting money by the IMF is stabilization of the foreign currency rate and a positive signal for other lenders.
12 march, 2015 23.32
Doctor of Economics and managing partner at the Capital Times investment company Eric Nayman believes that another round of hyperinflation would have awaited Ukraine if it had not received the IMF loan.
10 march, 2015 00.17
The GORDON has drawn up a rating of promises given by the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and both acting and dismissed members of the government throughout the previous year and has traced back how effectively they have been fulfilled.
2 march, 2015 23.53
To reduce social standards just to get into a new debt - is absurd, says the economist, the president of the Ukrainian Analytical Center Aleksander Okhrimenko.
2 march, 2015 23.21
Debt problem should be solved not by providing new loans to Ukraine, but by restructuring the external debt, political scientist, the head of the Center for Applied Political Studies "Penta" Volodymyr Fesenko.
27 february, 2015 21.41
The Ukrainian economist and Chairman of the Association of Ukrainian Banks Alexander Sugonyako thinks that the Ukrainian government must in the first place think of creating new jobs in order to overcome the crisis.
18 february, 2015 20.44
The IMF requirements are somewhat misrepresented by the Ukrainian government, considers the former Minister of Housing and Utilities Alexey Kucherenko.
9 january, 2015 21.11
Until heroism in the government is directly connected with growth of an external debt, the situation with the budget and opportunity to contain the state and segments of the population will become more terrible, the Doctor of Economics Vladimir Lanovoy declared.
9 january, 2015 20.55
According to the Deputy Victor Chumak, international credits may soon turn into a specific "Marshall Plan" for Ukraine.
2 january, 2015 23.03
Ukraine will be incredibly lucky if the dollar’s course will not exceed to 50 hryvnas per dollar in 2015, the country will face economic and political crisis, and Russia will certainly use it. Still there is a negligible chance to avoid a default, but it is necessary to use this chance in the coming weeks, said in an exclusive interview with "Gordon" Russian economist and former adviser to President Vladimir Putin, Andrei Illarionov.
29 december, 2014 19.33
People’s Deputy from the Block Poroshenko Viktor Chumak said that the budget must be adopted before the New Year, as the delay in approval could hardly improve the main financial document of the country.
3 october, 2014 12.48
Ukrainian foreign exchange market is going through hard times now. Hryvnia exchange rate in the interbank market has stopped its rapid dropping; however, cash currency is now out of circulation. Every day it is getting more and more difficult to buy euros or dollars in a bank or an exchange office, which results in the growth of a “black” market with its own rates. Does it mean that the official hryvnia exchange rate is overrated and that we have not reached the bottom yet? What awaits our currency in the next several months? GORDON asked experts about it.