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Russia-Ukraine relations

12 january, 2015 10.04
The past year has been extremely difficult for Ukraine. After the defection of President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 Ukraine was on the verge of default, and the beginning of spring fighting in the eastern territories only made matters worse. The international community reacted to the events in Ukraine in different ways: some have expressed concern, others – provided real help. "Gordon" made the list of top friends Ukraine in 2014 and explains for what they have earned this status.
2 december, 2014 23.23  
According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions stopped paying pensions and salaries to state employees on December 1. Only those who left the ATO zone and registered as migrants in the cities controlled by the Ukrainian power will be able to receive these payments. The journalist of the GORDON tried to get to grips with the problem faced by those who remained in the occupied territories.
20 november, 2014 18.01
The chief scientific officer of the Carnegie Moscow Center Lilia Shevtsova told the "GORDON" about why the West seeks to bring Russia to the negotiating table again, why the situation in Ukraine influences the relations of the EU and the USA with Russia, and why the Russian President Vladimir Putin is not going to retreat
18 november, 2014 21.18
There were negotiations in Minsk in September, documents were signed and it is unclear what can prevent from executing them, considers the journalist and blogger from Donetsk Denis Kazansky.
14 october, 2014 11.00
It is not the propaganda that influenced the Russian population. It has always been convinced that the Ukrainian Maydans were organized by the Americans, now Putin just told them, ‘You are absolutely right, people’, said the Russian writer Viktor Erofeyev in his interview for the GORDON.
13 october, 2014 13.39
A "middle option" when Donetsk and Lugansk are formally part of Ukraine, while they actually remain under the Russian protectorate, cannot exist for a long time, considers the Ukrainian publicist and journalist Vitaly Portnikov.
12 october, 2014 16.47
While Putin's regime is in power in Russia, destabilization of Ukraine and making of an overland corridor from Kharkov to Odessa will persist, the former People's Deputy Taras Chornovil is convinced.
12 october, 2014 11.36
The Russian political scientist, publicist and leading researcher of the Institute of System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrey Piontkovsky explained in an exclusive interview for GORDON why Kadyrov organized a demonstration on Putin’s birthday, what Putin and Hitler have in common and why the Russian President will share Mubarak or Gaddafi's fate.
11 october, 2014 11.38
The famous economist, the president of the Center of market reforms Vladimir Lanovoy predicts more than 10% of falling of GDP of Ukraine, long crisis. Still, he is sure that national economy after all will stand.
10 october, 2014 12.20
The famous actor Armen Dzhigarkhanyan explained in his interview for GORDON why Lenin monuments should not be toppled, pointed out the difference between the Russian and Ukrainian languages, and said that Putin’s main problem is that nobody tells him the truth.
2 october, 2014 19.14
Well-known Ukrainian poet and publicist Vitalii Korotich told the edition GORDON what he thinks about the incident with Nestor Shufrich, about “people’s lustration” and about why striving to Europe one cannot decide problems by means of Maidan.
2 october, 2014 15.51
People’s deputy from the UDAR faction Egor Firsov said that citizens of Donbass who had left their homes because of war are now coming back to their homeland in the hope of a truce.