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29 january, 2015 16.21
The commander of the Donbass battalion and People’s Deputy from Samopomich Semen Semenchenko considers that two main problems of mobilization in Ukraine are fools who mobilize those who do not want to fight and ways of spreading "informational nonsense ".
29 january, 2015 14.14
The mayor of Rava-Ruska (Lvov region) Irina Vereshchuk considers that people do not want to serve because they do not feel support from the state rather than because of lack of patriotism.
28 january, 2015 20.56
According to the Ukrainian diplomat and ex-Consul in Edinburgh and Istanbul Bogdan Yaremenko, Russia has its supporters in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
28 january, 2015 20.03
Russia has no legal grounds for liberating the Ukrainian pilot, the former Minister of Justice and Honorary Member of the PACE Sergey Golovaty reported.
28 january, 2015 19.06
There is an attempt to force Ukraine and the West to make peace on Russia’s condition through a direct war, the political scientist and Head of the Penta Centre for Applied Political Studies Vladimir Fesenko.
28 january, 2015 00.54
The Budapest Memorandum and the UN Security Council have exhausted themselves, these mechanisms must be revised to secure order in the world, the People’s Deputy from the Samopomich party Anna Gopko considers.
28 january, 2015 00.34
Recognition of Russia as an aggressor does not automatically entail declaration of war, the Scientific Director of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Alexander Sushko reported.
27 january, 2015 22.16
Ukrainians as a nation are almost absent from Austrian informational space, cultural and public life, and the materials in mass media dedicated to the dramatic events in Ukraine are either very superficial or demonstrate the unpleasant mark of the Kremlin propaganda. The volunteer of the Peace and Order Foundation and member of the Centre for Ukrainian Initiatives public organization Alexandra Sayenko writes about it in his article for the GORDON . Is it a regularity or a coincidence? Can Ukraine count on friendship and support of Austria – not hypothetically but under the concrete conditions of Russian aggression? The author is convinced that answers to these questions will help Ukraine develop the strategy of relations with the West.
27 january, 2015 12.56
"There are absolutely different objectives there, and they are related to geopolitical goals of restraining Russia, which runs contrary to the national interests of the Ukrainian nation," the Russian President Vladimir Putin said explaining to the students in Saint Petersburg that a NATO foreign legion is fighting in Ukraine. The columnist of the GORDON Yevhen Kuzmenko noticed Putin’s symptomatic slip of the tongue.
27 january, 2015 10.20
Russia has pursued a policy of destroying Ukraine, the journalist Yuri Butusov considers.
27 january, 2015 00.10
Vladimir Putin is not going to occupy the whole Ukraine using the military, his mission is to reduce the country to a political and economic crisis, to change the constitutional system and thus establish total control over Ukraine, the Russian economist and ex-Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Andrey Illarionov said in the interview to the GORDON .
26 january, 2015 14.30
The People’s Deputy from Petro Poroshenko Bloc Victor Chumak considers that nobody could imagine in which situation Ukraine would find itself in 2000 when the law on martial law was adopted.
25 january, 2015 22.30  
In an exclusive interview to the GORDON , the Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky explained what message Putin is sending to the West through the acts of terrorism in Donbass, why Western leaders do not want to carry on negotiations with him, what Putin learned in "Bandits’ Petersburg", and whether confidential protocols to the Minsk accords actually exist.
25 january, 2015 19.30
The former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko considers that Ukraine has to expedite mobilization as the military actions have intensified.
25 january, 2015 18.10
Petro Poroshenko and Arseny Yatsenyuk gave Vladimir Putin every reason to maintain that the European integration of Ukraine is a bluff, considers the Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky.
23 january, 2015 19.50
The Donetsk activist and volunteer of the initiative group "Responsible Citizens of Donbass" Enrique Menendez stated that residents of Donetsk started panicking after yesterday’s act of terrorism, and many considered leaving the city.
23 january, 2015 19.40
According to the Donetsk blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky, LNR and DNR are simply mechanisms of Russia’s influence on the situation in Ukraine.
23 january, 2015 19.03
Ex-Commander of the Foreign Intelligence Service Nikolay Malomuzh believes that the terrorists extensively use casualties among the civilian population for their propaganda among Donetsk residents.
23 january, 2015 15.44
The BBC Russian Service presenter Seva Novgorodsev commented in an interview to the GORDON why 20% of the British "strongly opposed to the Maidan", what the attitude of the British towards wealthy Russians living in London is, and why the reaction of the world community to the tragedy in Volnovakha "was blurred".
22 january, 2015 21.54
The Donetsk airport is of no strategic importance now, the enemy will try to benefit from the situation to draw the attention of our farsighted command away from other sectors, the volunteer from the SOS Army community and blogger Yury Kasyanov reported.
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