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12 february, 2015 20.27
The Russian politician, lawyer and Nadezhda Savchenko’s defender considers that the issue of releasing the Ukrainian pilot is much simpler than control over the border or special status of Donbass, but there must be will to carry it out.
12 february, 2015 16.13
The Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko does not rule out that the terrorists in Donbass will receive an order and break all the arrangements within an hour.
12 february, 2015 15.32
The former deputy and political expert Taras Chornovil believes that the Western leaders in Minsk threatened the Russian President Vladimir Putin with severe consequences in case of violation of peace arrangements.
11 february, 2015 23.45
One can hardly believe that today’s negotiations will be a success since Russia has not achieved its aim and Putin will not stop, considers the Donetsk blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky.
11 february, 2015 17.12
Any result of the negotiations in Minsk will not satisfy either party, stated the volunteer of the Army SOS community and blogger Yury Kasyanov.
11 february, 2015 17.09
The People’s Deputy from Petro Poroshenko Bloc Viktor Chumak believes that Russia is not willing to implement a peace plan of any kind.
10 february, 2015 22.17  
Murders, kidnapping, mass searches and arrests – these are the realia that Crimean Tatars had to face after the Russian occupation of the peninsula. In this special project, the GORDON decided to remind of the most outrageous cases of violation of Crimean Tatars' rights over the last year.
10 february, 2015 18.30
There can be no political settlement at the negotiations in Minsk with the present parties, considers the Ukrainian diplomat, former Consul-General in Edinburgh and Istanbul Bogdan Yaremenko.
10 february, 2015 15.21
Calls for violation of the Constitution shall not be forgiven in a country at war, the People’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko considers.
9 february, 2015 22.48
The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policy contradicts the principles followed by the civilized world, therefore he will soon be defeated, considers the columnist of the GORDON Yevhen Kuzmenko. However, according to the author, it will take months or even years.
9 february, 2015 15.12
America is fully aware of what is happening in Ukraine, and shares the position of France and Germany, said Ukrainian political analyst Aleksandr Paly.
9 february, 2015 12.47
Most of the heads of states no longer want and can not deal directly with the Russian president, German Chancellor and French President act as an intermediaries, a Russian financier Slava Rabinovich considers.
9 february, 2015 11.09
"GORDON’s" columnist, satirist Viktor Shenderovich reflects on the hard work of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue of settlement of the war in the east of Ukraine.
6 february, 2015 21.51
Former adviser of President Vladimir Putin, economist Andrey Illarionov said to the publication of "GORDON" that Ukaraine is prepared for degraded version of "Transnistria" scenario, why EU leaders buy into the blackmail of the Russian president, and about what choice the Ukrainian government did.
6 february, 2015 16.51
The ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko hopes that the Ukrainian authorities will not begin to change refusal of the accession to NATO in exchange for ceasefire.
6 february, 2015 16.20
The ex-deputy and political scientist Taras Chornovil considers that direct participation of heads of France and Germany in negotiations on peaceful settlement on Donbass testifies that they accepted Ukraine to the "club of adults" and included it in the European security system.
6 february, 2015 15.25
During the wars in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Georgia, Russian mothers demanded to return their sons-soldiers, but in the war with Ukraine natives of soldiers behave passively, said in an interview with "GORDON" the head of the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia Valentina Melnikova.
5 february, 2015 22.57
Journalist Vitaly Portnikov believes that EU leaders want peace in Europe, while the Russian leadership aimed at expansion of new territories.
5 february, 2015 22.45
The chairman of the Russian opposition party RPR-Parnassus Boris Nemtsov hopes that French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be able to come to an agreement with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, otherwise, according to Nemtsov we should wait for a fierce war.
5 february, 2015 14.56
The chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service (2005-2010) Nicholay Malomuzh believes that currently there is no effective and systematic work on the fight against espionage.
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