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war in Donbas

1 march, 2020 13.36
Andriy Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, and Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Head of Administration of the President of RF, discussed mutual release of apprehended persons in “all for all” format, reads the announcement of Ukrainian side.
4 february, 2015 16.10
One of the most popular Russian bloggers Rustem Adagamov told "Gordon" why "conventional Putin - is everything that Russians need", about a unique weapon in world history - the Kremlin's propaganda, and about why Russian people so easily exchanged "stability" for war.
16 december, 2014 21.43
The Automaidan activist, Ukrainian racing driver, automobile journalist and volunteer Alexey Mochanov shared his vision regarding the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Security and Defense Council and the Presidential Administration in an exclusive interview to the GORDON .
8 december, 2014 17.42
The Russian political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin said in an exclusive interview to the GORDON why Putin's message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation should be read between the lines, what Putin’s mental inadequacy consists in and what may be the continuation of the recent military conflict in Grozny.
2 december, 2014 23.23  
According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions stopped paying pensions and salaries to state employees on December 1. Only those who left the ATO zone and registered as migrants in the cities controlled by the Ukrainian power will be able to receive these payments. The journalist of the GORDON tried to get to grips with the problem faced by those who remained in the occupied territories.
1 december, 2014 17.57  
Fighters in the ATO zone despise generals in Kiev and increasingly abuse alcohol out of hopelessness, ambiguous truce and the order to avoid shooting, a volunteer from the National Guard said in an interview to the GORDON .
20 november, 2014 21.30
The designer Leonid Krasnopolsky who was in "DNR" captivity said in an exclusive interview to the "GORDON", why he began sewing military uniform instead of elegant men's wear, how a fighter of the Ukrainian army should look like and why Putin’s terrorists did not reach Dnepropetrovsk.
19 november, 2014 14.31
The sociologist Igor Eidman, the author of the book "New National Idea of Putin" said in an exclusive interview to the "GORDON" how Donbass is now playing out the scenario drafted by Eduard Limonov as long as ten years ago, what is in common between Girkin and Islamic jihad and what is the difference between the military conflict in Georgia and war in Donbass.
18 november, 2014 21.18
There were negotiations in Minsk in September, documents were signed and it is unclear what can prevent from executing them, considers the journalist and blogger from Donetsk Denis Kazansky.
18 november, 2014 21.16
A long break in military operations was necessary for accumulation of power, and peace agreements could hardly affect it in any way, considers the volunteer and organizer of the initiative "SOS Army" Yury Kasyanov.
17 november, 2014 16.42
According to the speaker of the Right Sector Borislav Bereza, the Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot stop military operations in Ukraine now because he will lose respect in Russia.
11 november, 2014 18.00
"Makhnovism" that is traced in the actions of some voluntary battalions can cause destabilization in the country, considers the political scientist Vladimir Fesenko.
11 october, 2014 11.38
The famous economist, the president of the Center of market reforms Vladimir Lanovoy predicts more than 10% of falling of GDP of Ukraine, long crisis. Still, he is sure that national economy after all will stand.