11 march, 2015 20.49
The situation in Donbass can only be improved by replacing the Ukrainian military command and military apparatus, considers the former advisor to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington Andrey Illarionov.
10 march, 2015 22.35
The government that has declared their support of cultural initiatives has not allocated a single cent for volunteers’ cultural actions, considers the former People’s Deputy Oles Doniy.
10 march, 2015 21.59
If Ukrainian culture is not taken care of, we may be deprived of spirit, language, and heart, believes the actor and people’s deputy from the Svoboda party Bogdan Benyuk.
10 march, 2015 21.18
The government only talk about culture now, but they do not protect it, thinks the leader of the Tanok na Maidani Kongo group Oleg Fahot Mykhailyuta.
10 march, 2015 10.59  
The Russian oppositionist Konstantin Borovoy said in the comment to the GORDON that "Boris Nemtsov’s murder is a direct order of Ramzan Kadyrov" who deliberately trapped the Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to "enhance his own influence in Chechnya and become a politician of federal level."
10 march, 2015 01.03
Despite the fact that many people think that wrong people were detained on the charge of Boris Nemtsov’s murder, it is likely that the arrested Chechens were involved in the crime, the Russian historian and publicist Mark Solonin believes.
10 march, 2015 00.17
The GORDON has drawn up a rating of promises given by the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and both acting and dismissed members of the government throughout the previous year and has traced back how effectively they have been fulfilled.
9 march, 2015 22.45
Until Nemtsov’s murder is investigated by an independent commission everything that is happening now is a farce of political terrorism, believes the Russian financier and investment banker Slava Rabinovich.
6 march, 2015 21.19
Verkhovna Rada deputy from the "Narodnyy Front" and the coordinator of the group "Information resistance" Dmitry Tymchuk notes that despite the removal of some types of fighters artillery, considerable enemy forces, reinforced by armored vehicles remain in their positions.
6 march, 2015 20.56
Deputy chief of the General Staff of the ex-Lieutenant-General Igor Romanenko believes that despite all the difficulties with the implementation of peace agreements points, respite in the war is necessary.
6 march, 2015 20.17
Former Georgian President and Advisor to the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Saakashvili believes that it is hardly possible to find out who exactly ordered the murder of the Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.
6 march, 2015 00.05
Successful reforms - the only way to stop the Russian aggression in Ukraine, ex-Minister of Education and the first rector of the Police Academy of Georgia Khatia Dekanoidze thinks. In an interview with "Gordon" she told why the government should focus on service, eliminate bureaucracy and prepare for the new police patrol quickly.
5 march, 2015 23.41
Independent MP Vladimir Parasyuk believes that the criminal proceedings against individual judges suggest that the situation in the society has reached a critical point
5 march, 2015 22.58
Donetsk blogger and journalist Denis Kazanskyy considers to be a a good sign the fact that the authorities have begun to actively conduct criminal proceedings against judges suspected of corruption
5 march, 2015 22.22
MP, Deputy Head of the Unti-Corruption Parliamentary Committee Borislav Bereza considers that the punishment for those guilty corrupt officials is necessary to carry out but not to talk about
5 march, 2015 20.05
Chairman of the board of the "Anti-corruption Centre" and activist of "Democratic Alliance" Vitaly Shabunin sees no reason for optimism in the issue of bringing to responsibility judges and officials of Yanukovych times.
4 march, 2015 20.23
Fake about 1000 hryvnia bill does not work for the Ukrainians, because they see a lot of fakes on a daily basis, but we need to work actively with the Russian society, because it is also a hostage of Putin's policies, said the deputy head of the party "Svoboda" Yurii Sirotyuk.
4 march, 2015 20.07
Rumors about the possibility of appointing Yulia Tymoshenko as a prime minister are probably distributed Tymoshenko herself and her allies, said the source from the coalition to "Gordon".
4 march, 2015 19.09
Murder at the Kremlin walls of one of the prominent leaders of the opposition - a sign that the government has chosen the path of criminal-terrorist regime. This was stated "GORDON" in an exclusive interview with Russian historian, philosopher and theologian Andrey Zubov.
4 march, 2015 19.05
Leader of the "Bratstvo" Dmitry Korchinskiy is sure that the killer of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov - personally Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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